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New Tunisia Truck trailer parts to export to Tunisia

We looking for supplyer and productor spare parts for heavy truck and trailer

truck parts , truck spares , trailer spares , trailer parts , trailer spare parts , truck spare parts

  • Tunus
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New Madagascar Truck parts requested to supply to Madagascar

I am lokking for truck suppliers

truck parts , truck spare parts , truck spares

  • Madagaskar
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New Congo, Democratic Republic of LPG ISO container tank 20nos required in Dem. Rep. of Congo

We are looking for 40 feet ISO container tank to transport LPG to our Bottle filling plant in Kinshasa, DRC. Initially we required 20 Nos.

lpg iso container tank , lpg tank , lpg tanks

New Czech Republic Tanks, cisterns for transport of acids need in Czech Republic

We are looking for a company that produces tanks/cistern for storage and transport of acids.

tanks , cisterns for transport of acids , cisterns , tank , storage tanks

New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Fuel tanker trailer 50cbm capacity buy inquiry from Zimbabwe

I am looking for a triaxle fuel tanker 50, 000Ltr capacity to buy and Ship to Zimbabwe through beira Mozambique.

fuel tanker trailer , trailer , fuel tanker

New Pakistan Towable trailer mounted needed in Pakistan

Towable trailer mounted flood lights I need

towable trailer mounted , mounted trailer , trailer

  • Pakistan
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New Russia European trucks and trailers parts demand from Russia

Our company specializes on European trucks and trailers parts. In your catalogue we found some positions of our interest. Could you please explore the possibility of supplying the requested items.

european truck parts , truck parts , truck spares , truck spare parts , trailers parts , trailer spares

  • Rusya
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New Tanzania Demanding of fuel tanker from Tanzania

Please can I have a fuel tanker quotation for 42, 000 Ltrs Looking forward to hear fro you soon

fuel tanker , fuel tankers

  • Tanzanya
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New Chile Man spare parts purchasing from Chile

I need to quote a list of man parts.

man spare parts , truck parts , truck spare parts

  • Şili
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New Congo, Democratic Republic of Truck spare parts catalogue and price needed in Congo

I am looking for part of Trucks Man

truck parts , truck spares , truck spare parts

New Greece Tanker trailers quotation request from Greece

Please advise your e-mail so that we could forward our request for quotation.

tanker trailers , trailers , trailer

  • Yunanistan
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New Peru Trucks spare parts import inquiry from Peru

Spare parts for auto, van, bus, truck, tractor, motocycle, industrial machinery, agriculture, construction, mining.

trucks spare parts , truck parts , truck spares

  • Peru
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New Turkey Turkey based client looking for trailers

I am looking for factory of trailers in Turkey

trailers , trailer

  • Türkiye
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New Bahrain Mercedes benz actros spare parts required in Bahrain

I am looking for spare parts of track and bus Mercedes

mercedes benz , actros spare parts , auto spares , car spares , car parts , auto parts , truck parts , trailer parts , truck spares , trailer spare parts

  • Bahreyn
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New Egypt Trailers spare parts export to Egypt

We are trucks and trailers spare parts importers

trailers spare parts , trailer parts , trailer spares , spare parts for trailers

  • Mısır
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New South Africa Enquiry of truck and bus spare parts from South Africa

I am looking for a truck/bus part manufacturer as I want to start importing into South Africa.

truck spare parts , bus spare parts , bus parts , truck parts , truck spares , bus spares

New United Kingdom Truck brake systems parts demand from United Kingdom

I am interested in brake chamber and other truck parts

truck brake systems parts , brake systems parts , truck parts , truck spares

  • İngiltere
  • Alım Talebi
  • Kredi

New United Arab Emirates Semitrailer for grain transport buying from UAE

We are looking for five tipper semitrailer units for grain transport load 40 tons volume capacity app. 50 m3 preferably aluminum body to save weight. with cover.

semitrailer , grain transport , trailer , semi trailers , trailers