Yeni Suudi Arabistan Copper refrigerant pipe import - Saudi Arabia

I need refrigerant copper pipe size 3/8 and 5/8 for split air conditioning application

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Yeni Türkiye A4 paper buying inquiry - Turkey

I Want to know if you produce A4 copy paper??! if you produce it please send to me your e.mail to connect with you

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  • Türkiye
  • Alım Talebi
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Yeni Avustralya Teenager hijab clothes import - Australia

Could you please send for me design for teenager hijab clothes

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  • Avustralya
  • Alım Talebi
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Yeni Ukrayna Beverages import request - Ukraine

Manufacturers of powder drinks and coffee in cans

beverage, beverages, drink, drinks, coffee, powder drink, powder drinks

  • Ukrayna
  • Alım Talebi
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Yeni Almanya Frozen chicken import to UAE

We are looking for frozen chicken suppliers.The reguest for Poultry products is for UAE

frozen chickens, frozen chicken, chicken, chickens

  • Almanya
  • Alım Talebi
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Yeni Türkmenistan Spices for sausages import - Turkmenistan

I am looking for Turkish factory, which produce spices for sausages

spice, spices

Yeni Etiyopya Diesel generator importation - Ethiopia

I need perkins Engine generator silence 30 and 40 kv generetor

diesel generators, diesel generator, generators, generator

  • Etiyopya
  • Alım Talebi
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Yeni Belarus Women's shoes importing to Belarus

Interested in shoe manufacturers for cooperation

women's shoes, ladies shoes, shoes, footwear, footwears

  • Belarus
  • Alım Talebi
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