Новое Египет PP bags import to Egypt

We are looking for a high products of PP bags - valve and open mouth for our fertilizers products

pp bags, pp bag, polypropylene bags, fertilizer bags

Новое Тунис Raw Material for School Bag and Backpack - Tunisia

raw material of schoolbag and backpack

school bag material, backpack material, fabric, yarn, textile accessories

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Новое Сербия Barbecue grill inquiry to import to Serbia

We are web shop in Serbia and are interested in importing barbecue grill for garden. I would like to have meeting in Istanbul this week.

barbecue grill, grill, barbecue

Новое Турция Recycled Fabric buying request from Turkey

Musterilerimizin istekleri dogrultusunda 2020 ve 2021 yili kis ve yaz koleksiyonlarinda geri donusumlu kumaslar tercih edilmektedir,

fabric, recycled fabric, recycling fabric

Новое Саудовская Аравия Surgical mask to import request from Saudi Arabia

Would like to trade with you or purchase above subjected mask 80,000,000pieces for Saudi Arabi, Dubai, Canada and India

medical mask, mask, face mask, disposable mask

Новое Бельгия Sugar Cane Machine to import to Belgium

I AM looking for ugar Machine extractor industrial

sugar cane machine, sugar extractor, sugar cane juice extractor

Новое Ирландия Agricultural machinery to buy request from Ireland

Please send me catalogues and list of suppliers for grass machinery and sprayers and spreaders.

agricultural machinery, grass machinery, sprayers, spreaders

Новое Тунис Cosmetics enquiry to import to Tunisia

i work for a retail company in Tunisia, i would like to bring Cosmetics to my country as a franchise.

cosmetic, cosmetics, cosmetic products

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Новое Казахстан Pneumatic precision seed drills needed in Kazakhstan

4-row precision seeder, row spacing 90 cm with fertilizer, delivery time to Kazakhstan

seed d rill, precision seed drill, seeder, precision seeder

Новое Израиль Plastic hangers for plastic bags - Israel importing

can find me the right supplier for this kind of plastic hanger in Turkey ?

plastic hangers for plastic bags, plastic hanger, plastic hangers, plastic hook, plastic bag materials