Новое United Arab Emirates Paper Cups requested from United Arab Emirates

We are looking for 6.5oz Paper Cup 180 gsm + 15 pe kindly quote the price

cup, paper cup, paper packaging

Новое Qatar Used Tire Shredding and Baling Machine want to buy Qatar

Shredder capacity requirement per hour or per day - 4 ton

machine, shredding machine, baling machine, tire shredding machine, tire baling machine

  • Qatar
  • ?????
  • 10 Credit

Новое Morocco Medical Consumables requested from Morocco

Medical consumables products

consumable, medical consumable, medical product, medical mask, medical gloves

  • Morocco
  • ?????
  • 10 Credit

Новое United Kingdom Lattice pole importation to United Kingdom

i need 33 kv 14 meter lattice pole specification ,

pole, lattice pole, electric pole

Новое Australia Conveyor Belt importation to Australia

There is a big requirement of PN Belts

belt, conveyor belt, industrial belt

  • Australia
  • ?????
  • 10 Credit

Новое Kenya Juice purchasing request from Kenya

Required juice

juice, beverage, drink

  • Kenya
  • ?????
  • 10 Credit

Новое Algeria Elevators price request from Algeria

250Kg lift, two levels R 1

elevator, lift

  • Algeria
  • ?????
  • 10 Credit

Новое South Africa Jewellery buying request from South Africa

Sea star earrings, coral design earrings, sea shells earrings, tassel and beaded earrings, bangels, coral design necklace, resort jewelry

jewellery, jewelry, earring, silver jewellery

Новое Pakistan Chicken broast machine and chicken fryer import to Pakistan

Need Checken broast machine quotation

machine, chicken fryer, chicken broast machine

  • Pakistan
  • ?????
  • 10 Credit

Новое Albania Mechanical sofa wanted from Albania

I would ask you to send me a catalog and a price list.

sofa, furniture, mechanical sofa

  • Albania
  • ?????
  • 10 Credit