Новое Дания Washing machine parts buying request from Denmark

We look for producers of standard parts for washing machines, like air gap, water softener and aqua stop.

washers parts, washers spare, air gap, water softeners, water softener, aqua stop

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Новое Босния и Герцеговина Wooden Floorings selling demand from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Xylon Corporation is a part of Swedish family owned investment company Plena Group. We are the leading producers of solid wooden floorings in this part of Europe.

wooden flooring, flooring

Новое Нигерия Men's clothing buying request from Nigeria

I want to be importing mens clothing from turkey and i need reputable manufacturer of men's clothing with good prices.

men's clothing, clothes, garments, apparels

Новое Кипр Marble importing inquiry from Cyprus

I am interesting for karaman marble

marble, marble slabs, marble products

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Новое Великобритания T11 Iso Tank buying request from United Kingdom

We have an enquiry for T11 - 20' ISO Tank Container Suitable for Sodium Methylate Solution (UN1289).

t11 iso tank, storage tank, storage tanks

Новое О.А.Э Shwarma gas burners buying request from United Arab Emirates

I look for shwarma gas burners 1000 pcs to dubai

gas burners set, oven gas burners, gas burner, gas burners, shwarma making

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Новое Турция Boric acid buying inquiry from Turkey

Are you involved in BORIC acid I am looking for a small tonnage of abt 100 mt at this stage.

boric acid, chemicals, chemical materials

Новое Египет Diaper buying request from Egypt

Looking for diapers

diaper, diapers

Новое Египет Detergents buying request from Egypt

Detergents for hand soap

detergents, detergent, cleaning products

Новое Канада Suppositories buying request from Canada

Looking for suppositories manufacturer

suppositories, medical products, pharma, pharmaceutical