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New Serbia Price demand for sofa covers from Serbia

Can you tell me please a price for sofa covers for 3-seat, 2-seat, 1-seat, chairs and corner sofa (3-c-2).

sofa covers , sofa cover , upholstery

  • Serbia
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New Jordan Table cloth quotation to import to Jordan

Looking for Tablecloth and Napkin for 5 Stars hotel.

table cloth

  • Jordan
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New United Kingdom Zebra bedding demanded to import to UK

Would like to sell your range send a cataloug with prices

zebra bedding , bedding , bedlinen , comforters , home textiles

New Malta Home textiles all kinds to import in Malta

Can I have more details about products and wholesale prices please ?

home textiles , home textile

  • Malta
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New Serbia Bed sheets import request from Serbia

Do you can send us your offer?

bed sheets , bed sheet , home textiles

  • Serbia
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New South Africa Bed linen for kids import inquiry from South Africa

Am interested in buying children / kids clothing, children bags and bed linen ( general). Kindly send me relevant price list and other info

bed linen , kids bedlinen , bedlinen , home textiles

New South Africa Bedspreads and comforter sets inquiry from South Africa

Price list for bedders please

bedspreads , comforter sets , comforters

New Sweden Import inquiry for hotel towels & bed sheets from Sweden

We are interested in purchase of a good quality with in European standards of Hotels Towels & bed sheets.

hotel towels , bed sheets , towels

  • Sweden
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New United Kingdom Home textiles wholesale supply to United Kingdom

I am interested in buying whole sale products like , towels , bed sheets , table cloth and napkin set , batrobs and o nigh wear clothes . I am also interested in scarves , abayas , shawls , jewellery and clothing

home textiles , home textile products

New Qatar Artificial grass carpets buying demand from Qatar

I am looking to Furnish my day care looking for the following: Tables, chairs, cabinets, mats, carpets, artificial grass carpets wodden toys

artificial grass , grass carpets , artificial turf , carpets , mats

  • Qatar
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New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Home textiles demanded from Zimbabwe

Kindly send me a catalogue of the products they offer Bed Duvet Covers Bed Linen Bed Quilt Bedding

home textiles , bed linen , bed quilt , bedding , duvet covers

New South Africa Bedding sets quotation to import to South Africa

I am interested in buying bedding sets at wholesale price

bedding sets , bedding , home textiles , bedlinen

New Mauritius Bed sheet purchasing demand from Mauritius

I have heard a lot about the better quality of turkish bed sheets and thus I am interested to get more info about the different products you offer, the price at which they are offered and the minimum order required.

bed sheet , bed sheets , home textiles , hotel textiles

  • Mauritius
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New United Kingdom Bedding products inquiry to import to UK

We are looking for manufacturers of bedding (with our own designs) cushions

bedding products , bedding , home textiles

New Mauritius Bed linen import inquiry from Mauritius

I wanted to have some details about the products available, the price at which they are offered and the minimum order quantity.

bed linen , home textiles

  • Mauritius
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New Estonia Estonian client looking for home textile manufacturers

Would like to buy beautiful clothing and textile from Turkey

home textile , home textile products

  • Estonia
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New Kosovo Zebra curtain price enquiry from Kosovo

Zebra curtains store curtains

store curtains , curtains , curtain , zebra curtains

  • Kosovo
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New Iraq Furnishings demanded to import to Iraq

Your furnishings can be started together

furnishings , furniture , home textiles , home textile products

  • Iraq
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New Australia Looking for linen & cotton bed sheets from Australia

Looking for linen & cotton bed sheets, also home towels. Looking to sell on an online store.

linen , cotton , bed sheets , bedlinen , bed linen

  • Australia
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New Bahrain Chair covers requirement listed from Bahrain

I would like to ask if you have different size of covers for sofa and chairs

chair covers , upholstery

  • Bahrain
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