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New Egypt Milk cooler - wholesale buying - Egypt

do you have milk coolers?

cooler, milk cooler, egypt, cooling system

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United Kingdom Refrigerator and freezer - import to United Kingdom

Please email me of any suppliers in Turkey

refrigerator, freezer, united kingdom, cooling system

New Libya Libya to import heating and cooling system

Looking for heating and cooling system

cooling, cooling system, heating system, libya

  • Libya
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Bangladesh Refrigerator Vehicles and Equipments - to Bangladesh

My Company is looking Refrigerator Vehicles , Freezing and Refrigerating equipment.

refrigerator, refrigerated, bangladesh, refrigerator truck, car refrigerator, refrigerating equipment, refrigerator vehicles, refrigerated semitrailer

  • Bangladesh
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United Arab Emirates Importing of Absorption Chillers - United Arab Emirates

I want to know about Absorption Chillers Manufacturer in Turkey

chiller, absorption chillers, cooling system, united arab emirates

Turkey Cooling Milk Tank purchase request from Turkiye

We can produce to 100 liter, 200 liter, 300 liter, 500 liter, 1000 liter, 2000 liter, 3000 liter, 4000 liter, 5000 liter and 6000 liter capacity chromium (304 AISI) milk cooling tank. You can send e-mail for information.

tank, turkiye, cooling tank, milk cooling tank

  • Turkey
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Ethiopia Looking for heating and cooling systems-Ethiopia

We are from Ethiopia we are working at industrial product and refregration product for past 13 years know we are working with heating product of turkey. Can you help me to show your catalogue

heating system, cooling system, venilation, air conditioner, ethiopia

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Italy Cold container fridge purchase requiry from Italy

container for food storage (cold container fridge) marine certificate

container, cold container, fridge container, cold container fridge, italy

  • Italy
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Bahrain Evaporator coil units - to import to Bahrain

I need 3 ton uint evaporator can you suplly me

evaporator, evaporator coil, evaporator coil unit, coil unit, bahrain

  • Bahrain
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