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New USA Household products wanted from USA

we need specially in house hold

glassware, household product, decorative product, plastic kitchenware

  • USA
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New Hungary Waste Bin buying inquiry from Hungary

Can you inform me about weight of a pedalle waste bin 12 lt please?

bin, waste bin, dust bin

  • Hungary
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Macedonia Would like to import Cleaning materials Macedonia

We are looking for Cleaning materials

material, mop, cleaning material, cleaning set

  • Macedonia
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Russia Detergent import requet from Russia

detergent powder and liquid turkish brand

detergent, detergent powder, liquid detergent

  • Russia
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Qatar Importing of Toiletries Qatar

We are looking for household toiletries

mop, toiletries, brush mop, cleaning item

  • Qatar
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  • 10 Credit

Kosovo Import request for Toilet Dispenser from Kosovo

I`m interested in toilet dispenser

dispenser, toilet dispenser, paper dispenser, toilet paper dispenser

  • Kosovo
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  • 10 Credit

New Sierra Leone Import request for Tissue Paper from Sierra Leone

I will need a tissue paper company

tissue, paper, tissue paper

New Australia Toilet paper import to Australia

I'm looking for a supplier who can supply toilet paper mother rolls to make small rolls of toilet paper. Do you sell those?

paper, toilet paper

  • Australia
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New Turkey Tissue paper buying request from Turkey

We are interested in Paper Tissue

paper, tissue paper, napkin

  • Turkey
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United Arab Emirates Paper Towel and Soap Dispenser wanted from United Arab Emirates

Please I need details about flora factory fir despensir paper products and soap despensir

dispenser, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser