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New Lebanon Inquiry of radiator cover from Lebanon

Please provide us with one of your members to discuss our demand of Radiator covers for diesel generators

generator, radiator cover, cast iron radiator cover

  • Lebanon
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New Algeria Import request for radiators from Algeria

We are interested in importing your radiators

radiator, steel radiator, aluminium radiator, cast iron radiator

  • Algeria
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  • 10 Credit

India Automotive parts export from India

Our group of companies is manufacturing the following products. 1. Builders hardware / Ironmongery products [stamping, casting, forging etc.] 2. Garage Storage Products. 3. Tubular components. 4. Automobile parts – highly precious components.

automotive, car part, car spare part, engine part, brake spare part

  • India
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Kosovo Steel accessories for lighting asked from Kosovo

We are interested in some steel accessories!

lighting, steel accessories, machining work, lighting accessories

  • Kosovo
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New Ukraine Import of heating radiators to Ukraine

we are interested in heating radiators.

radiator, heating radiator, heating system, aluminium radiator

  • Ukraine
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Nigeria Used manhole asked from Nigeria

Please do have used manhole for tanks

manhole, used manhole, tank manhole, manhole cover

  • Nigeria
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Singapore Cast iron pipes import to Singapore

Please quote : 1. 100mm dia. 2. 150mm dia. 3. 200mm dia.

pipe, metal pipe, steel pipe, cast iron pipe

  • Singapore
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Poland Casting part GGG70 needed in Poland

we locking partner who can produce us casting part aprox 1 kg. from GGG70

casting, casting part, ductile iron casting part, aluminium casting, car spare part

  • Poland
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  • 10 Credit

United Kingdom Inquiry for bearing housings from United Kingdom

It looks like you would be able to produce and supply some cast iron bearing housings for us and i would like to discuss in more details.

housing, cast iron bearing housing, bearing housing


Dear Members Al Gihaz Trading & Contracting Company, which creates demand through Abu Dhabi, unfoundedly demands money from companies with the promise of tender. Although this company is not registered with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, the tenders in question are not real.

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