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New Jordan Inquiry for Flexible Cables from Jordan

I need you to help me with the prices of cables and their types in order to communicate with you and deal with you flexible cable 1.5 mm 2.5 mm 4 mm 6 mm 10 mm

cable, flexible cable, electrical cable

  • Jordan
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New Republic of Zimbabwe Cable buying inquiry from Republic of Zimbabwe

How much is a 2,5mm single core cable

cable, single core cable, electric cable

New Nigeria Networking equipments requested from Nigeria

ODF Rack, Patch Panel and Structured Cabling

networking, networking equipment, odf rack, patch panel, structured cabling

  • Nigeria
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New Jordan Cable and cable trays import to Jordan

Kindly provide us with your quotation to cover the supply of the materials specified as per the following and attachment:-

cable, cable tray, copper cable

  • Jordan
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New Pakistan Composite insulators request from Pakistan

I am looking for 132kV composite insulators for ome of our client (Govt Utility).

insulator, composite insulator, electric insulator, electric insulating

  • Pakistan
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Burkina Faso (Upper Volta) Wire wholesale import to Burkina Faso (Upper Volta)

I would like to know if you already have a representative of your brand of wire in Burkina?

wire, steel wire

New Bulgaria Power cords price request from Bulgaria

I'm searching for power cord for computers with connectors

cable, power cord, computer hardware

  • Bulgaria
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New Luxembourg Cable to import to Luxembourg

Cable U1000 R2V3G 1.5 ² : 500 ml Cable U1000 R2V4G 4² : 500 ml Cable U1000 R2V1G 240² : 100 M

cable, data cable, mv cable, power cable

  • Luxembourg
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New Turkey Electrical materials to sell from Turkey

We are a manufacturer and exporter of a wide variety of quality electrical products.

fuse, switchgear, plug, socket, electrical material

  • Turkey
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New Benin Electrical building materials import to Benin

Our company is in need of electrical building materials for an estate's contract.

cable, switches, lighting, electrical material, circuit breaker

  • Benin
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