Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

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New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Daf gaskets importing inquiry from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

Interested in buying products from your country

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Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Ladies outfits buying request from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

I am looking for reliable wholesale suppliers of ladies outfits

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Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Ladies dresses buying request from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

I have contacts for ladies dresses

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Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Home appliances importing inquiry from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

We are looking for potential suppliers for our brand for Household Washing Machines, Microwaves, Small Appliances.

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New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Chocolate - sweets buying inquiry from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

I am looking for the min chocolates sweets called flash,iam from zimbabwe would like to import

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New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Monosodium methanearsenate herbicides buying inquiry from South Africa

I am looking for a manufacturer of Monosodium methanearsenate herbicide

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New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Cereal porridge machine buying request from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

We are also looking for companies that can supply machines to manufacture instant cereal porridge

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New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Complete filling line buying request from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

Complete filling line to manufacture drinks

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Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Socks buying request from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

I want to buy men's ties and socks can you help me

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Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Men's ties buying request from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

I want to buy men's ties and socks can you help me

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