Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

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New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) İmporting of Clothes

Looking for clothing lines

clothes, clothing, garments

New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Trailed spraying equipment

Chisel plow

trailed spraying, spraying equipments, spraying equipment

New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Land levelling machine

Land levelling machine

land levelling machine, land development

New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Chisel plow

Chisel plow

chisel plows, chisel plow

New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Potato planter buying

Potato planter

potato planters, potato planter

New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Baby diapers buying

i am looking for disposable baby diapers at wholesale prize to be shipped to zimbabwe

baby diaper, diaper, diapers

New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Baby clothing to buy

i am looking for a supplier for baby clothing

baby wear, baby clothes, baby clothing, baby apparels

Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Clothes importing

I wish to know how to import clothes from Turkey.

clothes, casual wear, clothing, garments, apparels

New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Suits - shirts to import

What r the price range you got for suits and shirts . Can you please send me catalog of price range

suits, formal wear, office wear, shirts

New Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Breast pads

Kindly share your product list and corresponding prices.

breast pad, breast pads, medical consumables