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New Turkmenistan Washing detergents to buy

we are Turkmen company and would like to purchase the washing powder detergent

washing detergents, laundry powder, powder detergent

New Turkmenistan Marble

We understand that your company supply some products that fit our business requirements.

marbles, marble

New Turkmenistan Private use fire alarm system

We are trying to establish which sistem are more suitable for us regarding quality-price.

alarm systems, alarm system, fire alarm

New Turkmenistan Shaving blades making machine

We are planning to organise producing of disposable shaving blades in Turkmenistan.

shaving blades making, blades making, metal processing

New Turkmenistan Textile chemicals - dye importing

I am searching for chemicals for textil industry exactly colors 20 tns per month

textile chemicals, textile paints, textile dye

New Turkmenistan A4 Size, Double 80gsm Paper

We require 2 containers of A4 size, 80 gsm,

a4 paper, a4 papers, copy paper, paper, papers

New Turkmenistan Beauty soap to import

ben ucuza guzellik sabunu arayorum

beauty soap, soap, soap bar

New Turkmenistan Soaps and wet wipes

I can supply you liquid soaps, soap, wet wipes, paper towel, toilet paper and etc.

soap, soaps, liquid soap, liquid soaps, wet wipes, wet wipe, toilet paper, paper towel

New Turkmenistan Cables and Materials buying request from Turkmenistan

Appreciate if you can quote or assist with the products mentioned in the attached file. Please take note that the end user is ENI operating in Turkmenistan. Please make sure to provide us with the information about the dimension, the delivery terms, the certificate of origin, certificate of quality, the delivery time, the cost of the delivery, the cost of the certificates

cable, cables, cable plugs, cable ties

New Turkmenistan Textile dyes buying request

I need this propylene additive due

textile dyes, textile dye, dyes