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New South Africa Cummins oil pumps quotation request from South Africa

Kindly send me a quote on the following oil pumps: 50 units Cummins Oil Pump 4003950 Cummins Oil Pump 3803369 Cummins Oil Pump 3821572 CAT C15 Oil Pump 161-4113

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New South Africa Men's shoes request from South Africa

I am interested in selling high fashion mens shoes

men's shoes , shoes , shoes for men

New South Africa Glucose biscuits wholesale import inquiry from South Africa

We are considering your good company to be our supplier, as we browse your company profile into the internet including your product.

glucose biscuits , biscuits , biscuit

New South Africa Steel welding rods purchasing from South Africa

We would like to know if your company can supply us with the order below. Steel welding rods 3.2x350mm......... x 4 (FCL)

steel welding rods , welding rods , welding rod

New South Africa Crankshaft for cummins buying RFQ from South Africa

Kindly send me a quote on the following crankshafts please: I need prices urgently 15 x Cummins ISX Crank 4330732 15 x Cummins N14 Crank 3064291 15 x Cummins 855 Big Cam Crank 3029340

crankshaft for cummins , crankshaft , construction machinery parts

New South Africa Fashionable men and women clothing inquiry from South Africa

I would like to find a supplier for fashionable clothing for men and women

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New South Africa Buying clothes for resale in South Africa

Want to know more about buying clothes for resale in south africa

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New South Africa Evening gowns and wedding gowns inquiry from South Africa

Please can you assist us with companies that can supply us with wedding gowns and evening gowns

evening gowns , wedding gowns

New South Africa Diesel fuel 50ppm ordering from South Africa

Need bulk supply 10 million litres plus depends on price D2 spec

diesel fuel

New South Africa Clothing boutiques asked from South Africa

I need to know the boutiques in Turkey that i can visit and buy from so that i can come and sell in my country

clothing boutiques asked from South Africa

New South Africa Hand knitting yarns request from South Africa

Interested in your knitting products

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New South Africa Glass bottles for cosmetics export to South Africa

I am looking for a glass manufacturer in Turkey that can supply glass bottles for the cosmetic industry ie body spray and perfume products

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New South Africa Bright bar SAE1040 for hydraulic cylinders need in South Africa

Would like know if you manufacture bright bar for the manufacture of piston rod for hydraulic cylinders. Sizes: 70, 80 , 90 & 100 mm

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New South Africa Dried fruits offer request from South Africa

Please send a catalogue as well as wholesale price list.

dried fruits

New South Africa Sweets and chocolates to import in South Africa

I will like to see sweets and chocolates products with prices from Turkey

sweets , chocolates

New South Africa Bolts and nuts purchasing from South Africa

Need a list of companies that manufacture fasteners

bolts , nuts

New South Africa Ladies and men's clothes demand in South Africa

Looking for ladies and man's clothes supplier

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New South Africa Fashion bags import request from South Africa

Kindly forward us your prizes

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