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Papua New Guinea Dental instruments requested to import in Papua New Guinea

I need dental instruments and looking for possible suppliers

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New Papua New Guinea Tires purchasing from Papua New Guinea

I am looking for good quality new tires.

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Papua New Guinea Reinforcing bars 1200 ton import to Papua New Guinea

Could you please send me a price for 1200mt of 12metre rebar including shipping price to Papua New Guinea for the above grade of bar.

reinforcing bars, rebars, rebar

New Papua New Guinea I.V. Fluid Manufacturing Plant Proposal For Papua New Guinea

Dear Sirs, My company hopes to build a first ever Medical I.V. Plant in my country Papua New Guinea. I seek a potential manufacturer to partner with me for this endeavor. Please direct me to the best manufacturerd nd I could take it from there. Kindest regards,

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Papua New Guinea Seeking Buyers For Organic Cocoa Beans From Papua New Guinea.

Greetings from Papua New Guine. I’m looking for the buyers of organic cocoa beans from Papua New Guinea.

Organic Cocoa Beans

New Papua New Guinea Doors

could you please furnish me brochures of your products and the cost to freight items from your nearest Port to Port Moresby, then to Kavieng in the New Ireland Province.


Papua New Guinea Mining Machines

I would like to be your distributer hear in my country papua new guinea. there in lots of mining in cluding lng and sea mining. there is only one company who sell those machinaries and had all the adventage. this would be an oppotunity for you to expand your business regards nae

Mining Machines

New Papua New Guinea Fish farming equipments and accessories

Could you please send me catalogues of fish farming equipments and accessories for re-sale here in png.

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New Papua New Guinea Cables



New Papua New Guinea Cables

dear sir, we want to buy the following cables on urgent basis. list 1 SL Description QTY. 1 500 rm NYY cable 430 meter 2 300 rm NYY cable 500 '' 3 185 rm NYY cable 165 '' 4 150 rm NYY cable 800 '' 5 50 rm NYY cable 400 '' 6 35 rm NYY cable 700 '' 7 16 rm NYY cable 300 '' 8 10 rm NYY cable 2500 '' 9 06 rm NYY cable 1000 '' 10 04 rm NYY cable 600 '' list 2 SL Description QTY. UNIT 1 06 rm BYA cable 1000 Meter 2 04 rm BYA cable 300 '' 3 02.5 rm BYA cable 12000 '' 4 02.5 re BYA