Chemical Industry / Afghanistan

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New Afghanistan Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose importing to Afghanistan

''I want buy HMPC the full name is hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose for tile bond can you contect with me and give from you product''

hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, hmpc, chemical, chemicals

Afghanistan Sanitary pad raw materials - Afghanistan to import

Can you connect me with some sellers of raw material for sanitary pads?

sanitary pad raw materials, fabric, sanitary pad fabrics, sanitary pad adhesive, adhesive, sanitary pad chemicals

Afghanistan Detergent Powders purchasing request from Afghanistan

Please send me your products list with prices In-Shah Allah.

detergent, detergent powder, powder detergent

New Afghanistan Talc powder exporting - Afghanistan

We have the capability to provide Afghan Talc to companies in Turkey and we are ready to cooperate

talc powders, talc powder, talc

Afghanistan Talc export request - Afghanistan

we are tac production company we can provside you natural tac from afghanistan

talc, chemical, chemicals

New Afghanistan Import - Benzoyl peroxide for flour

I need benzoyl peroxide for flour

benzoyl peroxide, food additives, chemicals

Afghanistan Cleaning chemicals to import to Afghanistan

We need the ingredients to make homw made dishwash liquid

cleaning chemicals, dishwashing liquid chemicals, detergent chemicals, detergent raw materials

Afghanistan Import of argon gas - Afghanistan

I need argon gas manufacturers in Turkey

argon gas, industrial gas, chemicals

New Afghanistan Redispersible polymer powder importing - Afghanistan

could you please let me know about the manufacturers of Redispersible polymer powder in Turkey?

redispersible polymer powder, redispersible polymer, polymer powder, tile adhesive chemicals, adhesive additives, adhesive ingredients, construction chemicals