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New Ethiopia Television buying request from Ethiopia

i am looking for TV suppliers

television, tv, led television, lcd television

  • Ethiopia
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New Afghanistan Automatic Pellet Boiler price request from Afghanistan


boiler, pellet boiler, automatic pellet boiler

New United Kingdom Inquiry for STI Boilers from United Kingdom

I would like to know the price of 180000 calories STI BOILER.

boiler, sti boiler, heating system

New India Steel panel radiators requested from

Please give us your best price for the following. 1- type 22 600x1500 =39 pcs 2- type 22 600x1800=17 pcs 3- type 22 600x2200= 50 pcs 4 type 33 600x1800= 5 pcs 5 - type 33 600x2000= 177 pcs

radiator, steel panel radiator, panel radiator, heating radiator

  • India
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New USA Freestanding Gas Cooker requested from USA

Turkiye'den ev tipi gazli firin ithal etmek istiyorum

cooker, gas cooker, freestanding cooker, freestanding gas cooker

  • USA
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New Belgium Home appliances wholesale importing to Belgium

We are looking for manufactories for OEM, ODM Fridge, coffee machine, ... For the moment

fridge, refrigerator, home appliances, bread machine, hair dryer, oven, coffee machine

  • Belgium
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New Egypt Gas Cooker importation to Egypt

I am interesting to know the prices of gas cooker fob to algira

cooker, gas cooker, free stand cooker

  • Egypt
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Lebanon Home appliances requested from Lebanon

We are company in lebanon who produce household items like Refrigerators chest freezer bottle cooler etc...

freezer, home appliances, chest freezer, bottle cooler, display cooler

  • Lebanon
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Kosovo Request for chest freezers from Kosovo

I would kindly ask you to send us pricelist referring to our request, terms of cooperation such as MOQ, delivery terms, production dates and payment terms.

freezer, chest freezer, white good, deep freezer

  • Kosovo
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Iran GPS tracker to import to Iran

Izleme cihazlari satin almak istiyorum. Cihazin boyutu ne kadar kucuk olursa o kadar iyidir.

tracker, gps tracker, tracking device

  • Iran
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