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New Canada Bathrobes for kids and babies request from Canada

I am looking to start a busiess selling children bathrobes

bathrobes for kids , bathrobes for babies , bathrobes , bathrobe

  • Canada
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New United Kingdom White embroidred mesh fabrics needed in UK

We are looking for 280-300cm wide embroidered lace for curtain use

white embroidred mesh fabrics , mesh fabrics , fabrics , fabric

New Algeria Wedding and party dresses price inquiry from Algeria

I would know the price of the series your dress of weding and party and picture i am very intresting tu will be your client.

wedding dresses , party dresses , dresses , dress

  • Algeria
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New Iran Acrylic yarns requested in Iran

We need acrylic yarn in fact we have a major market in Iran.

acrylic yarns , yarns , yarn

  • Iran
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New Hungary Dervish clothes and shoes request from Hungary

I would like to have contact with dervish shoe and clothes manufacturers, .

dervish clothes , dervish shoes , shoes

  • Hungary
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New Ukraine Fabrics prices demand from Ukraine

Fabrics in Ukraine small wholesale, perhaps?

fabrics , fabric

  • Ukraine
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New Saudi Arabia Pergola, awning systems request from Saudi Arabia

Looking for manufacturer to corporate.

pergola , awning systems

New South Africa Clothing at reasonable prices requested in South Africa

Iam interested in getting a supplier to buy clothing from at reasonable prices.

clothing , clothes , formal clothes , casual clothes

New Saudi Arabia Blankets import inquiry from Saudi Arabia

So kindly provide your quotation with product design

blankets , blanket

New Belgium Men's quality wear products request from Belgium

I'm looking for manufacturers who can make men's swimwear, polo, t-shirt qualities (high-end collection) according to our colors and models.

men's wear products , menswear , men's clothes , men's clothing

  • Belgium
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New Israel Hooded surfing poncho towel request from Israel

We are interested in hooded surf towel as the below specification: 1. Cotton 400gr 2. Standardized Pattern size 115-120L X 90W 3. Over size hood: a. neck opening 30 cm b. hood height:30cm 4. Cuff width :

hooded surfing poncho towel , poncho towel , towel

  • Israel
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New Qatar Patient gowns requested to import from Qatar

We are inclined into trading our clients are looking for patient gown with 65% cotton x35% cotton fabric material

patient gowns , patient gown

  • Qatar
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New Slovakia Clothing products request from Slovakia

I'm interested in textiles clothing in the shop

clothing products , clothes , outerwear , casual wear , formal wear

  • Slovakia
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New Moldova Men’s pullover and sweaters request from Moldova

I need to men’s dresses pullover and sweaters

men’s pullover , men’s sweaters , pullover , sweaters

  • Moldova
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New Albania Home textile items request from Albania

I'm imterested to open in Albania, i'm looking for a supplier who can provide household goods like sheets, towels, bathroom rugs & curtains with monograms like LV

home textile items , home textile , home textile products

  • Albania
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New Morocco Women's winter pyjamas catalog and price inquiry from Morocco

I would like to sell women winter pyjamas in Morocco and interested in having your best catalogue and prices for this item.

women's winter pyjamas , winter pyjamas , women's pyjamas , pyjamas , pajamas

  • Morocco
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New Egypt Women's pyjamas required in Egypt

I need name of factories that make women's pyjamas

women's pyjamas , pajamas , pyjamas

  • Egypt
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New United Kingdom Shirts, t-shirts, jeans prices request from United Kingdom

I was just wondering what your minimum order quantity is and do you do the following types of products, shirts, t-shirts, coats, blazers, jeans and trousers?

shirts , t-shirts , jeans

New Estonia Home textile items wholesale inquiry from Estonia

We have a big interest to create a developmental company to present and sell unexampled products in Baltic states.

home textile items , home textile , home textile products

  • Estonia
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New Georgia Clothings required for online shopping in Georgia

I want to make online shoping in Georgia helf with you.

clothings , outerwear , leather wear , denim wear , casual wear , formal wear

  • Georgia
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