New China Railway transport

Now is looking for rail consolidation agent in Budapest /Prague/Slovenia, to make mutual console box by Rail .

railway transport, rail transport, shipping services

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New Tunisia Shipping services

Register of Ship's agents, ensures the consignment of ships and represents the shipowners

shipping service, shipping services, transportation service, transportation

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New South Africa Customs clearance services

,we want to do business with you

customs clearance services, customs clearance

New Jordan Feasibility study for airport

Feasibility study

feasibility study, airport feasibility studies, consultancy services

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New Lithuania Logistic services

our company from Lithuania, we looked new opportunities in distribution sector. We looked Turkish company whose looked distribution to Baltic states- Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

logistic services, transport services

New Russia Cooperation request for radioactive waste measurement equipment

We have a radiation engineering project - radiation waste analysis equipment.

radioactive waste analysis equipment, radioactive waste analysis, analysis equipments, analysis equipment, radioactive waste, measurement equipment

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New Turkey Selling treatment systems and equipments

We are supplier such as all treatment systems - all package systems - mobile units - equipments etc.

treatment, package, water, wastewater, drinking

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New United Kingdom Foreign Trade service

Ingileterede yaşıyorum ve turkiyeden mal alıp ingiltere pazarında satmak istiyorum

transportation, foreign trade, shipping, customs clearance

New Russia Foreign Trade services

Our company provides the following range of services

foreign trade, transportation, shipping

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