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New Saudi Arabia Packing machine importing request from Saudi Arabia

I want a shrink packing machine

packing machine, shrink packing machine, packing equipments

New Algeria Breakfast cereal processing line importing inquiry from Algeria

We're looking for Breakfast Cereal Processing Line.

breakfast cereal processing line, breakfast cereal, breakfast cereal processing

  • Algeria
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New Iraq Gas tunnel oven importing inquiry from Iraq

Looking for Gas tunnel oven for bread baking , oven width Two 400x600 mm

gas tunnel oven, bread baking, bread making, bread production, bakery machinery

  • Iraq
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New Ethiopia Bread Bakery Machine request from Ethiopia

I am writing to inquire about the availability of Bread Bakery Machine

bread bakery, bakery machine, bread making, bread making machine, food making

  • Ethiopia
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New Nigeria Glass tampering machine to install in Nigeria

Want to open a glass tempering workshop here in nigeria to be precise in the east here in owerri imo state of nigeria.

glass tampering, tampering machine, glass making, glass processing

  • Nigeria
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New Yemen Baby diaper production line buying request from Yemen

Request a Quote Baby Diaper Production Line

baby diapers, baby diaper, production line, diaper making, diaper machine, diaper production, manufacturing plant

  • Yemen
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New United Arab Emirates Axis cnc press brake buying request from United Arab Emirates

Request to give price and product specification for 4axis cnc press brake for pressing sheet metal 0.5mm to 6mm stainless steel with 2 metre

axis cnc, press brake, cnc press brake, metalworking machine

Libya Labneh production line buying request from Libya

Looking for a labneh production line to be started in Libya

labneh production, labneh making, labneh machine, production line

  • Libya
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Lebanon Croissant line buying request from Lebanon

I m looking for semi auto line for produce croissant with filling

producion line, croissant line, croissant making, croissant machine, food processing, food making, manufacturing plant

  • Lebanon
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Bulgaria Milling and cutting machine buying request from Bulgaria

we are interested of your machines. We need a machine for composite panel milling and cutting.

milling machine, cutting machine, composite panel milling

  • Bulgaria
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