Chemical Industry

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New Jordan Leather tanning chemicals importing inquiry from Jordan

You are working in chemicals for tanning of leather

leather tanning chemicals, leather chemicals, chemicals

  • Jordan
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New Greece Soaproot extract to export to Greece

I would like to order some soap root extrsct. Please send me a pricelist. Thank you.

soaproot, soaproots, soaproot extracts, soaproot extract

  • Greece
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New Serbia Cleaning chemicals buying request from Serbia

We are big wholesale for public institutional like hospital, school etc.

cleaning chemical, cleaning chemicals, detergent, soap, liquied soap, sanitizer

  • Serbia
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New Turkey Corrosion Preventive Oils buying request from Turkey

Fiyat verilmesi rica olunur

corrosion preventive oils, oil, oils, engine oil, lubricants

  • Turkey
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New Bangladesh Pharmaceuticals raw materials buying request from Bangladesh

We are doing Pharmaceuticals & Food products raw materials importing business in Bangladesh. Details will follow after having your positive & favorable reply.

pharmaceuticals, pharma chemical, chemicals, chemical

  • Bangladesh
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New Armenia Paraffin solid 1-2% buying request from Armenia

We need of find paraffin solid.1-2%

paraffin solid.1-2%, paraffin solid, chemical, chemicals

  • Armenia
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Thailand Boric Acid buying request from Thailand

Interested to import one 20 foot containers for your Boric acid orthoboric H3 BO3 and Borex Decahydrate

boric acids, boric acid, chemical, chemicals

  • Thailand
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New Morocco Automotive paint and varnish buying request from Morocco

I want a Turkish company that manufactures automotive paint and varnish to import or Morocco

automotive paint, varnish, auto varnish, paint, paints

  • Morocco
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New India Zinc phosphate for paint making selling inquiry from India

Our plant is a major producer of zinc phosphat in Russia.

zinc phosphate, paint making, paint raw materials, paint chemicals, chemicals

  • India
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