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As YSN Marble Mine Construction Transportation Import Export Industry Trade Limited Company , thanks to our deep experience and reliablity in the sector, our wide customer portfolio we have reached globally is our major reference . Our fast and connected service we have placed in every region, also our large and extensive range of products we offer have made the name of “YSN MARBLE” into a brand

not only in Turkey but also in the World.

You can be sure about providing all sorts of quality and quantity blocks from YSN MARBLE AND MINE without experiencing any problem. Moreover don’t be hesitate to say your complaints and all kinds of demands in the sector, because remember that YSN Marble and Mine is your indispensable partner in Turkey.

Corporate policy: As YSN Marble Mine Construction Transportation Import Export Industry Trade Limited Company;with our sensibility to society, environment, custo mer and quality, in our all activities, obeying legal and regulations, coherent with production aims,using the most consistent supplies and tecnology to environment, using our resources creating at least losses, preventing consumption of national wealth and sources unconsciously, In terms of employee OHS work to be carried out in a safe and secure way is to accept the principle of the company preventing industrial accidents applying high tecnology and methods assuring employee’s health and safe;manufacturing coherent with consumer’s demand and expectation and offering high qualityand ongoing service to consumers , organizing continual education programme to our employees; adopting quality perception and ensuring effective participation in production to Integrated Management System, to base continuous improvement in manufacturing and services is our company policy.

YSN Marble Mine Construction Transportation Import Export Industry Trade Limited Company meets the demands of all customers with over 100 different products beside its own quarry products. All the organizations have been done in order to show our country and hospitality,also to make our customers feel themselves at their home. Thanks to this policy, our company has been the pioneer in customer satisfaction which is followed by other companies.

Our vision: to provide the best products and services consistently aiming at the best service and the best quality to our customers all over the world. Always keep customer satisfaction at the forefront and have technologically advanced production techniques and marketing techniques. Represent our country on the world market well and be more useful to our customers,our society,national economy in social responsibility.

Our mission: to work hard to accomplish goals we aim in our vision. to increase the variety of products and to be a brand mark with more advanced technology, to keep our works at the best and the highest level and to act in accordance with moral and ethical rules.

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