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Honey and bee products, comprising the lap of nature in the hands of bees, bee from reaching the people chained, laborious production, consumption is a miraculous food and pleasant in terms of benefits. Honey and bee products, resources, and the making of an order that is done to provide a combination of nature, is a joint effort of the bees and beekeepers.

Honey and bee products production,

is a sensitive issue as human health. Because one of the few foods directly affect human health and the production until it reaches the consumer requires great responsibility. That is why; Since 1990, only honey and bee products serving the purpose of manufacturing and selling Viper Ortadogubal, this awareness has been the face of real and pure honey.

Trust is a feeling we approached hesitantly in every aspect of life. Come see this confidence is increasing at times be heard in the case of reservations of people in the food area and floor. Indeed, honey also has its share. We have witnessed in recent times, we all read it deems fake honey news caused justified doubts about the honey in people's minds, "I wonder if we eat honey or fake?" The question brought to mind. This rogue without incurring any liability of mentality, human health honey under the name content that disregarding released uncertain these products, to destroy the judiciary, which has created on behalf of honey on people and their "real and undoped" to serve by offering honey, as many years "our future image is the confidence of our consumers "adopting the views and serving the expectations of our company in this direction has been the mission of the Viper Ortadogubal. Viper wish to be happy and healthy with Ortadogubal ...

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1994 / 51-100

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