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We are hose crimping machine manufactory in SHANGHAI--The Giant City with higher
technologies and Talents on Industrial workers.
We produce Crimping Machines for over 2 decades. Since we dedicate to improving
the quality of our products and service, the machine series has been quite almighty to
cover the hose handling from Cutting > Skiving > Crimping> Testing. The acceptance by

Domestic and Multinational Enterprises’ Joint Venture has been accumulated very
high. Now most of the user are Giant Enterprise, for example, Shougang Group (Steel),
Chinese Academy of Sciences(Beijing), China Railway Technologies (Beijing),
North-Eastern Academy of Sciences (Beijing), Shanghai Construction Machinery
Manufactory, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Coal Mining
Machinery Manufactory, Shenhua Group (Coal Mine), Shenyang Fourth Rubber Factory
(Hose Producer), Guangzhou Rubber Hose Factory, Bridge Stone, Good Year, Parker,
In case to fulfill the market demand, we developed 5 Series (Over 10 specification) of
crimping machines,
DX Series: Single Inclined Plane & Single Speed Hydrostatic Enforcing
SDX Series: Single Inclined Planes & Double Speed Hydrostatic Enforcing
FX Series: Mixing Inclined Planes & Double Speed Hydrostatic Enforcing
SX Series: Double Inclined Planes & Single Speed Hydrostatic Enforcing
BSX Series: Plate-Type & Single Speed Hydrostatic Enforcing
Besides with Main Equipment: Crimping Machines, there are Auxiliary Equipments:
Rubber Hose Skiver, Hose Cutter, Hydrostatic Testing Machines. All of A/M machines to
finish the mission of Cutting > Skiving > Crimping> Testing.
In the production process,we have adopted CNC machining centers and
CNC equipment, EDM etc to produce all of the components in cylinder
performing & locking system. Our producing procedure has achieve
adigitally controlled & fulfill the demand of bulk production. Combining
with our unique heat treatment process, our components can be possessing
high precision, longtime using life, and easily interchangable.
Especially on selection of electrical and hydraulic spare parts,
imported ones and domestic famous brands components are widely used on
our machines. It the guarantee of the quality and using life our machines.
High Hydraulic Pressure Hose’s crimping procedure is not complex, it is workable to
control the shrinking size to avoid the leaking of oil and loosing of fitting/assembly/ferrule.
The shrinking size is setting up on the diameter of hose and woven and spirals of wires.
Accompanying with our machines, we supply the crimping size specification against hose
measurement. We have accumulated over 20 years of crimping hose and briefed to a
form for customers’ reference. Even if the worker has no knowledge of crimping, he can
handle with the correspondence by following up our forms very soon.
SDX-95、SDX-90Z、FX-95 Crimping Machines are lapplied with the latest structure in
the world. Since they are patents filing, basically distinguished with other domestic
manufactories on mechanical structure. Their advantages are listed as belows:
1.During the crimping procedure, the dies moving radially, instead of
axially(Simplifying Discribing: Vertically moving, no moving from backward to front--The
crimped fitting/assembly/furrles will not be looks like cone-shaped (Simplifying describing:
One end is big another one is smaller) .
2.It is more convenient to install the dies because the they

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