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Dearest,We are pleased to contact you as Sales Department of PRONIBEX Manufacturerof COCOA Semi-finished products: Cocoa NIBS, Natural Mass, Chocolatecouverture (sweet mass 85%+15% sugar, etc.) situated in West Africa inIvory Coast, 1rst country producer of cocoa.Cocoa roasted NIBS FAT CONTENT 52-54%, FFA -1.5% +/-0.5%.Fine Natural Cocoa Mass FAT CONTENT 52-54%, FFA -1.5% +/-0.5%Couverture /

Sweet Mass (15%-85%) CONTENT 52-54%, FFA -1.5% +/-0.5%PRONIBEX manufactures semi-finished cocoa products in house so as toprovide guarantee to your specifications but also permit traceability andgood prices. Focused on sourcing good beans, we offer a comprehensiverange of COCOA products targeted at the specific needs of industrial foodchain and provide standard to high quality for tailor made solutions.We are positioning ourselves as key supplier next to our business partnersin the industry. Looking forward a mutually beneficial new directbusiness relationship,if you are interested in our products, pleasecontact us at your convenience for a quotation, datasheets andspecifications of our products (minimum order 1 container 20′ - 20MT in25kg boxes or to 24 MT in 30 kg cartons, delivery/ payment FOB L/C) andsamples.

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1999 / 51-100

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