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PLASEM LIMITED COMPANY being incorporated to serve to automotive and white goods sectors has been manufactured in the different type of plastic component.

This company processes raw materials in capacity of 40-45 ton/monthly.

Our company have machineries below;

One injection machinery with 250 g (140 ton),

Two injection machinery with 350 g (140 ton),

Plastic processing


Employees working at our company are more experienced in the different department of supplier industry companies, on total quality operations at ISO 9000 systems and in significant of quality and high quality and disciplined. Each employees has been currently kept training in the different company and different terms.

Our company operating with efficient system has been manufactured the custom manufacturing with good quality and low cost.

Our company is all responsible from designing of product or component and making of mold which will be manufactured. It is also all responsible from designing stage to completing and to given stage of first sample’s manufacturing approval of mold, depending on number of order and manufacture of product or component on time with quality.

Our company has been helped to select a correct raw material according to usage place and aim and provided the confirmation of harmless of selected raw material for people either by asking to raw material’s manufacturer or by discussing with importer. We have been also obtained the proof certificate from them.

Our company has been given the technical support about designing, molding and manufacturing methods of product and component with our experience.

Furthermore, our company has been provided the technical support about all machining on plastic component and product or cold shaping methods in all stages with our experience and information. If we do not have any experience and information about above, we are doing research about that. After research, we can share all information about that with you.

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