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Özen Milling Machinery was established in 1990 in Konya, one of the leading grain producing cities in Turkey and it has become one of the outstanding companies in the market.
Özen Milling has been active in the market with its modern workbenches and qualified workers in a closed area of 15.000 m2 in Konya, one of the leading cities in machine industry.
Our company, which pays special

attention to the renewal of machine production equipment, has some important workbenches such as CNC Turning-Lathe, CNC Horizontal Processing Unit, Borwek, milling cutters, Universal Turning-Lathes in its factory as well as the computerized balance workbenches that provides the balance control of every piece that is turning. Moreover, in sheet metal processing, all kinds of sheet metal production is successfully carried out with the use of CNC Controlled Plasma, CNC Abkant, guillotine, normal Abkant workbenches, benders, and Eccentric and Hydraulic Presses.
Ever since it was established, Özen Milling Machinery has unceasingly made investment and strengthened its infrastructure. Following the latest developments in production technologies, especially milling Technologies, it has increased the variety in its production. Our company has reached the capability of doing a turnkey job of producing any size of flour factory.
Today, Özen Milling Machinery offers high quality products with its dozens of employees and up-to-date technological infrastructure. Since the day it was founded, our company has attached great importance to exporting. As a result, there are many factories established by our company around the world. In accordance with the increasing export, Özen Milling Machinery has established Özen Foreign Trade and it exports the machinery equipment it produces by means of its own professional foreign trade team. With the two trademarks of Özen and Özmill, our company has been selling its products, gaining the confidence of its customers, and thus it is becoming a well-known brand in the world's milling sector.
To explain the production sections of our company:
In the 1st section are separator, air channel and stone separator
In the 2nd section are horizontal scourers, intensive dampeners, bran brushes and trieurs.
In the 3rd section are radial separators and automated efficiency weighing machines
In the 4th section are low pressure aspirators and Pneumatic fans,
In the 5th sections are filters, packaging weighers and semolina separators
In the 6th section are screw conveyors, tube screw conveyors, and aspiration pipes and equipment
In the 7th section which is in the Konsan Private Industrial Zone, only the production of roller mills is carried out. Better quality control is maintained by separating the production of roller mills from other machinery.
In the 8th section, all of the machinery is painted.
In the 9th and last section are testing, trial and packaging units. This is one of the most important sections of Özen Milling Machinery. In this section the vibration test of all the machines produced, heat treatment of roller bearings and bearing shells and the general inspection of outward appearance is carried out. Moreover, in order to test the performance of the machines, the product is directly used and controlled in the experiment set.
This factory is one of the most up-to-date establishments in Turkey.
On the 1st floor are Roller mills. These roller mills operate on a belt and with speed control.
On the 2nd floor are flour screw conveyors made from Chromium-Nickel. Bran brushes, vertical brush and semolina separators work on this floor.
On the 3rd floor are square sieves
On the 4th floor are Pneumatic Group and Fan
And finally, our filters function on the 5th floor.

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1990 / 1-5

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Selçuk / 6870017604

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