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Nakıboğlu Family, starting business with the attars and hardware wholesaler founded in 1940 by Şıh Mehmet Nakıboğlu, has taken the first step in its current field of work at the very same store by selling PE films and greenhouse covers in the 1960s; the years corresponding to the worldwide rise of plastics sector. In 1979, due to the increase in demands, Naksan Plastik has started to serve in

the field of plastic packaging as a producer as well and has been active in production since then; currently in a plant with the total area of 330 000 m2 of which 170 000 m2 are indoors.

A pioneer in supplies of industrial, agricultural and consumer products, Naksan Plastik has made a merit of supplying the same product and service quality to all its customers, regardless of scale. Naksan Plastik, the most important supplier of many firms, both domestic and foreign, has designed an operation mode not solely based on production. The operation mode of Naksan Plastik covers all services, starting with design and extending to post production, never departing from the principle of perfection.

Naksan, being an eco-sensitive producer, has made a merit of fulfilling all its environmental liabilities to the utmost level. The “green” firm which has had its own recycling system since the year it was founded, received “TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) Gold Package Award” for some of its products; namely for biodegradable products in 2006 and for Soil Fresh – Smart Package in 2010. Besides; Soil Fresh – Smart Package also received Competency Award of “ASD-Packaging Crescents and Stars Contest, 2010”.

Naksan Plastik, through dedicated efforts carried out with an awareness of the liabilities of its status, has never compromised its firm and resolute stature, regardless of the circumstances. Naksan Plastik, by its synergic organization which involves all elements from production to sales and its valuable collaborations, is determined to occupy the topmost positions in this justly proud tableau in the future as well.

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1979 / 1-5

Related Companies/Brands

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Tax Administration/Tax Number

Gazikent / 6280000649

Banks Worked with

TEB, HCBS, Is Bank, Yapi Kredi, Halk Bank, ING Bank, Akbank, Denizbank, Garanti Bank, Bank Mellat, Vakif Bank, Finans Bank, Aktif Bank, CITI Bank, ARAP Turk Bank


TSE EN ISO 9001, ISO 10002, OHSAS 18001


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