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Children's clothing brand in since 2005 from Melike Kids as a growing step by step , has a wide variety of products. Both boys wear girls clothing products as well as their products and services are offered specials. Melike Kids, especially girls between 3 and 8 years of age in children's products, offers a comprehensive product supply service network with large models. Bursa engaged in

production since 2005, our company is progressing step by step with the rapid development today in the manufacture of children's clothing products. More on our production for the wholesaler, we appeal to a wide transport network. For children who are our most precious, which produces clothing products, it has many details to be considered. Both should be eligible for health and quality products, as well as the hearts of the children of both mother and product diversity must be conquered. For this purpose, Melike Kids, as a result of a careful study, and we have been manufacturing clothing for our 3 children aged 8 years old. Especially girls clothing products, we offer a comprehensive and high quality services with our experience and product diversity. We are proud to be moved further up to our quality standards and we have our own manufacturing site. Our mission, our children by producing better quality garments, while the present model will conquer hearts and our kids maintain healthy products, our vision is improving day by day our our production capacity and quality, to provide a wider variety of products. Where you can find all the information about us, the address can obtain information about our products, you can contact us easily. We are moving wholesale children's clothing products manufacturing and sales firm steps towards becoming one of the names in our field with numbered. It focused on the same point on the road with us, we would like to proceed with names based on serving quality and success. To achieve our quality and qualified products, you can contact us you can get more information and access our contact information. Healthy and happy children towards creating high quality children's wear products, if you want to move in the same direction with us and we appreciate it as Malik Kids.

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