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Kooyle Metal detector machine x ray system check weighing machine

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Kooyle Industrial Shanghai Co., Ltd. is the world's leading research and development system for detection, separation and classification system. Our products cover many industrial production areas, and can also be used for purifying and recycling materials. The users of Kooyle products are distributed in food,

medicine, plastics processing and wood processing.

Product introduction, metal detection machine is inductance type, can detect all metal impurities including iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum from the finished product or bulk material. After detection of metal, stop machine alarm or non stop manually remove the products containing metal impurities, with core scientific and technological achievements from Japan, European and American and other patent technology, with high sensitivity, high stability, anti-interference and other characteristics, suitable humidity environment, application characteristics detection products, bulk products (including packaged products, such as packaged materials) metal testing machine line conveyor line

Product features
Advanced DSP processing chip, intelligent operation system, ultra high sensitivity, super stability, super anti-jamming ability and adaptability.
Dual signal detection circuit technology, accurately detecting iron and non-ferrous metal impurities, will show different induction intensity according to metal size.
Adapt to the humidity, high temperature and low temperature working environment, simple detachable frame, easy to clean, the equipment motor is no pole speed motor, conveyor belt speed can be adjusted arbitrarily
In accordance with HACCP system, the technical indicators related to the QS system and the ISO system, the conveyor belt and the bracket are white five poisonous materials, which conform to the American FDA standard, and the waterproof grade of IP65
Detection of metal foreign bodies in health care products for food, medicine, food flavoring additives and additives
Product features
Japanese high technology, sensitivity and high stability.
Dual speed high speed digital intelligent detection signal, iron and non-ferrous sensitivity can be adjusted separately.
It can detect iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, lead and other metal materials.
Noise reduction filtering, product phase tracking and balance recovery configuration to meet the environmental requirements of IP66/NEMA 4X/ATEX ZONE 22.

It can detect frozen foods (such as dumplings, frozen fish), meat, rice and pickled products.
High quality 304 stainless steel case, simple and quick dismantling frame, easy to clean.
Various channel sizes are customized to meet customer production requirements.
Special conveyor belts are designed precisely to avoid belt running in daily applications.
One button automatic setting function, intelligent operation interface, convenient operation and intuition.
With self-learning and memory function, it can store more than 100 kinds of product's testing parameters and switch quickly.

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2015 / 26-50

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