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1998: The Begining and Establishment
AL-Awail company was mainly established by a group of engineers who are the first graduates of elctronic engineering faculty.
The company activity started through designing an electronic circuits using the latest versions of software applications and microcontrollers which are dedicated for electronic design.
Conducting many scientific and practical

training courses about designing and producing electronic circuits as well as programming processors and microcontrollers.

2000: AL-Madinah AL-Munawwarah ... The First Start
The first project performed was floodlight a huge simulating model of AL-Madinah AL-Munawwarah in nowadays, the model floodlight is controlled by computer. This project was for Madinah Research and Studies Center.
Designing the first model of AL-Muaqita, the product which is dedicated for displaying the prayer times and organizing the Iqama time of prayers in mosques.

2002: AL-Muaqita in Syria's Mosques
Marketing the first product "AL-Muaqita" locally and internationally, and founding a workshop for AL-Muaqita manufacturing.
AL-Muaqita has quickly won the aproval and satisfaction of worshipers because of its active role in organising the Iqama time of prayers.

2004: Authorization and Spread
This product has been recorded in the department of patent and property protection.
Many sales agents have been authorized in the islamic countries.

2006: Al-Aqsa Mosque and Ismalic World
AL-Muaqita has been installed in Al-Aqsa mosque and spread out in almost all the Palestinian cities.
It has been spread out in more than /15/ countries around the world as well.

2007: Converting to Industry
Foundation a Research and Development department in the company to develop the products and invent a new designs.
Al-Muzakkira product has been designed especially for houses, offices, and small prayer places.
Various products and new designs with /8/ different international languages upon request.

2008: Administrative Organization and Institutional Work
We have had the industrial registry number /1/ in this industry.
Integrated departments and cadres have been founded for manufacturing all the product parts (electronic boards, front panels, structure, assembling, packing, shipping, quality control, maintenance and technical support).
Manufacturing a new products specilized in Auto Azan.
Manufacturing Giant Clocks and optical displays to meet all requirements.
The products and models have been developed to reach now more than /150/ different models and products to meet all requirements.
Our products are now spread out in more than /11000/ mosques all over the world.

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