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INSTEAD OF PLANT ACTIVATORS, FROM SEED TO THE HARVEST A REAL SOLUTION TO THE GLOBAL FAMINE BOOST YOUR YIELD UP TO 100 % WITH MOG ORGANIC LIQUID FERTILIZER 5 years of the Ministry of Agriculture license, patent, permit, FAO and WHO standards and master certificate have been taken for our organic liquid fertilizer, the Research & Development studies of which we have carried on for 3 years,

with the brand name “MOG”. MOG liquid organic fertilizer has been enriched with microorganisms, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements vital for soil and has been put up for sale as either beneath and underneath fertilizer. It was exported to Kenya, Nepal, Azerbaijan, Malta and Pakistan within the year 2008. Since MOG liquid organic fertilizer can be diluted 100% homogeneously, it is the most suitable fertilizer for drop watering, sprinkler irrigation, spring watering and fertilization from leaf. It does not leave any residue and deposits. Therefore, it does not cause any clog in the systems. Changing and development in roots, leaves, offshoots and fruits is the most prominent important characteristic of MOG liquid organic fertilizer. While the growth rate of your plant increases at least 30%, your production level will also raise at the rate of about 20% and 100%. Shortly after it contacts the soil, it interpenetrates and gives NPK and trace elements. Furthermore, it makes a great contribution to the rejuvenation of the soil. While it bloats up and softens the soil, it increases the water holding capacity of the soil by means of the humic and fulvic acid contents. By means of its micro-organic contents, MOG liquid organic fertilizer utilizes the chemical fertilizers and the poisonous substances remained in the soil following the previous applications and makes them useful for the soil and the plant, and it prepares the soil quickly for the organic farming. Thus, it allows the soil transform into the peat nature in a very short time. Thanks the the enzymes and the activators in its content, MOG organic liquid fertilizer enables the nutrients in the soil to be absorbed by the plant root and to reach to the leaves quickly.

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