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Our company which was established in 1980. has been operating on machinery manufacturing and otomotiv by product sector. It has recently been servicing recently on mikrpnised mining machinery undertaking and projecting complete foundation where as had been previously servicing on pirice of sheet iron and moldmanufacturing First the projects are being put into practise by our expert and

expessenced techinical staff regarding the clients demands our company is operating in 10.000 m2 open and 1.800 m2 closed area in organised industing park.

Projects for orders and manufacturing machinery for projects.
Various macneries used in micronised mining sector.
Spiral Bands
Conveyor Bands
Jet Plus Filter
Air Cuts
Dynamic Sperator
Radial Fans
Hummer Crushers
Stock Silos
Packaging Machines

Calsit is a commonly used material with respect to economy and enviromental good due to the fact that it decreases pigment’s using to a lower level which is very expensive in industrial area. Our firm is producing a large quantity of machinery which are being used for breecloading and moisturing. Also we service to our clients in Project , undertaking and montage

Paper Sector
Paint Sector
Plastic Sector
Tooth Paste Sector
Construction Sector
Adhesive Substaeccs
Ceramic Sector
Carpet Base Floor
Oil Cloth

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