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Karba manufactures and exports of vehicle mounted equipments, on vehicle equipments, onvehicle equipments, fire fighting trucks, sewage trucks, canal jetting trucks, combined canal jetting-vacuum trucks, garbage trucks, water tankers, fire pumps, dumpers, dumper trucks, fuel tankers, tow trucks, rescue vehicles, hooklifts, platforms, truck rescuers, rescue trucks, canal vacuum trucks, cesspit

emptiers, combine vehicles, cranes, hinged platforms, hydraulic equipments, directional control valves, fire fighting equipments...
Our company was founded to provide service vehicles and machinery to private and public entities in 1992. It was a marketing company at the beginning. However, given its increasing popularity and trust in the sector, it has started the production of vehicle mounted superstructure under “KARBA” name in 1997. The company achieved to become one of the leaders of the sector.
Karba conducts its production at 1. Organized Industrial Zone in Ankara. The facility has a 6,500 m2 indoor and 3,500 m2 outdoor spaces totaling 10,000 m2. Karba employs over 120 people who has experienced on their own specialty. Since Karba products are used year around, the service is an important part of our business. Karba has a 7/24 mobile service for its equipments.
We can categorize our products in three main categories. These are Fire Fighting Vehicles, Sewage Cleaning/Opening vehicles, Solid and Liquid collection and transfer vehicles.
Fire fighting vehicles are Aerial Ladder Trucks, Pumpers, Rescue Vehicles, Industrial Area Fire Trucks and Support Tankers. Aerial ladder vehicles have working height of from 12 m. to 32 m. Pumpers are produced based on the customers’ needs. They are manufactured with different water tank capacities, pump and accessory options. Our experts guide the customers to determine the best equipment setup for their fire fighting vehicle.
Sewage cleaning and opening vehicles have three different types; Jetting Trucks, Vacuum Trucks and Combine trucks. Jetting truck has a high pressure water pump which delivers the water from its tank through a special hose with a nozzle attached. This way it un-clogs underground sewage pipelines. Vacuum truck uses a vacuum pump to clean the sumps and collects sludge from different accumulated areas, and stores in its tank until discharged properly. Combine vehicle has both jetting and vacuum functions to perform its duties. These functions can be performed individually as well as simultaneously by Combine trucks. The area of use and customer requirements determines our design and production.
The third group superstructures, solid and liquid collection and transfer vehicles, are widely used by municipals and private companies. This group has Garbage Collection Vehicles, Tipper Trucks and Water Tankers. Garbage collection vehicles are; Hydraulic Compaction Garbage Truck and Skip Loader. Hydraulic compaction garbage trucks have load volumes from 4 m3 to 22 m3. They come with several optional functions and materials. We manufacture skip loaders with up to 8 m3 container capacity. They are preferred where high volume of waste generated or daily waste collection is not required. We manufacture Tipper Trucks with different capacities and models from different materials such as St-52 or extra strengthen steel. The water tankers are manufactured with various options depending on area of use. We can install washing systems, water throwing monitor and hose reels as requested. We offer water tankers with alternative tank materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel as well as different pump options. Our sales department will work with you to design the correct up fit.
Additional to our standard equipment, Karba occasionally receives requests for special purpose equipment. We produce such equipment on project base. Some of these up fits are articulated and telescopic platforms, container washing bodies.
Another advantage which gives Karba an edge to its competito

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1992 / 101-250

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