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Grantas was founded in 1993 with a few machinery and employee in a small factory in BURSA Gecit Region to serve in the marble and mining area.

Grantas started the business life with a few people for years ago and now it continues its business life successfully with a crew of 80 persons, qualified consultants, and 300 assembling workers. Grantas is a leader firm which knows the power and

importance of the workers and develops its own targets more and more with forwarding steps by protecting the corporate image and identity in the natural stone sector which it is difficult to stand.

GRANTAS has 1,500 M2 closed area and 6,500 M2 open area and in company with making up the principle of the product quality and customer satisfaction, it follows the developments in the sector closely. GRANTAS predominantly uses the Italian technology and continues the stone clothing specialization of the places in domestic markets successfully with imported products from Italy, Spain, India, and Middle East. With putting into operation its unique green-brown tone stone “Olifer line” mine GRANTAS is planning to export its products 90 percent to U.S.A. and remaining to Greece, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Bahamas, South Africa, Syria, Israel, Italy, and Spain. While GRANTAS is following the developments in the sector closely, it introduces Turkey and Turkish marble in the domestic and overseas fairs relative to the natural stone sector. Grantas named in warehousing in the sector by means of producing primarily granite, marble, and onyx and all natural stones used in construction and decoration works and doing international trade. In the name of not breaking the connections with small factories, it has a showroom and a warehouse. In here Grantas supplies with plate and sculpture sale centers.

Grantas has completed the planned “technology renewal investments” for 2007 between the last quarter of 2005 and the first quarter of 2006. With the new water-jet machine, Grantas started to advertise itself in the artistic projects. It takes many types of machinery with special cut water-jet to the portfolio with new investments and by this means gets the ability of doing decorative cuttings, special cuttings, and column circular cuttings with natural stone. The required medical supplies for first aid and urgent attempt are kept ready in the structure of the firm. Besides, works are carried with continuous meals, trainings, and picnics to socialize the employees out of the office hours, comprehend the work-family consciousness of the firm employees, and to develop the team spirit.

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