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Gorele International Trade Company is a success story built on the accumulation of knowledge, experience and creativity gained in Foreign Trade operations. Its history begins with local trade and continues with export operations by gaining the title of "Foreign Trade Capital Company" in 2012.
Gorele Int Ltd.Co was established to contribute to have a voice in the development of

foreign trade of our country and region which has been gradually growing with globalization in recent years and to influence the current positive development in this area in the positive direction. Its main success lies behind sharing knowledge and experience with those who do not know how to do foreign trade in the region.
Gorele Int Ltd.Co purposes to make very large scale trading and increases it with being open to both import and export activities. In this respect, we collect the demands of our existing customers in various markets in the world. Firstly, it works in the region to produce orders or finds the existing manufacturers. If not possible in the region, it does this work throughout the country. If the positive result still is not obtained, it tries to supply the best price to the customers at the shortest time by working around the world. At the same time, it acts as a mediator between export partners and customers.
Today, Gorele Int Ltd.Co , more than 100 customers are served with 500,000 TL (AVG 150.000 $) paid in capital.

Gorele Int Ltd.Co 's vision is to provide the best and high-quality service to contribute to growth in the best way to protect the interests of all the manufacturing companies in the portfolio that they consider as business partner.

Gorele Int Ltd.Co which committed to mediate the development of Turkish exports in this frame since 2012 with his increasing performance day by day. It aims to protect this success in the future.
Görele Int Ltd.Co handles all the processes of delivering the goods between the client and the producer and collecting the money by himself by taking the risks in these processes.
Therefore, the producer will not consider how to export and to collect his money without concern. On the other hand, the customer will be realized without considering the production, quality, and supply of the goods.
Gorele Int Ltd.Co visits customers in place while creating a customer portfolio, works in coordination with our trade attaches, consulates, and local merchants as much as possible.
Gorele Int Ltd.Co ‘s international marketing activities are based on the principle of intensive customer visit and contact directly with domestic market except for fairs and indirect contacts. In contrast, it always cares to take place permanently in the main market by contacting with the target markets that has established.

**The priorities of Gorele Int Ltd.Co are as follows:**
- Always cares to give our customers more quality service
- Protecting the interests of customers
- To provide effective and reliable teamwork
- Adopts transparent and lawful working principles

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Kağıthane / 4090510193

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Türkiye İş Bankası, Yapı Kredi, Garanti, Ing Bank, Halk Bank, Akbank




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