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Our mission is to improve Turkish Gun Industry and produce weapons on worldwide competitive qualifications to meet consumer needs.


Our vision is to introduce high quality products to the market qualified products according to our aims and ensure the satisfaction of customers by using latest technology with professional engineers and technicians.


To have

favorable success as a result of evaluating customer’s needs, complaints and suggestions.
To product new weapon models by upgrading the quality of manufacturing.
To raise our market share in Turkey and worldwide as a Turkish pistol producer.
To be the leader pistol producer of Turkey and help improving the Turkish economy.

Quality Policy

We are currently holding the ISO 9001: 2015 certification. The aim of our quality policy is to produce unique and high quality pistols to satisfy our customers together with our firm personnel and to improve our quality management system and educate our personnel continuously in a modern way.

GIRSAN, the proud producer of pistols having Yavuz 16 brand, was established in 1994 in Giresun/TURKEY. And
one year later, in 1995, the first and well-known pistol models of Yavuz 16 COMPACT and Yavuz 16 REGARD, have
been presented into the market.
As the years passed, GIRSAN has made great investments into personnel education and technology, has
implemented the latest technological tools of the day, both in the production line and quality control system. As a
result, number of the qualified personnel has reached to 200, the number of the pistol models (with different calibers
of 7.65 mm, 9 mm, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 Auto and with optional sight, safety and trigger systems) has increased
day by day and reached to a level of 50 (including our newest model of polymer handgun, MC28, known for being
lightweight, durable and very reliable), annual production capacity has reached to 130.000 pistols. All of the pistols
are manufactured and tested according to the NATO Standards, and have successfully passed the complicated
tests with zero error. Also we are working on rifle and we have 75.000 rifle production capacity.
GIRSAN, like the other well-known brands in gun production, performs Muzzle Production of all the models with
COLD FORGED TECHNOLOGY. In this way, by increasing safety and barrel life at one side, undesirable failures on
the muzzle such as swelling, crack and warming are prevented at the other side. Additionally, GIRSAN is the proud
developer and owner of Cold Forged Polygonal Barrel used by models of MC27E. With this barrel, a pistol having
longer barrel life (40.000 firings), increased muzzle velocity, better hit performance and decreased corrosion have
been provided to the user.
Last but not least, GIRSAN’s R&D ability, combined with design capability of the trained personnel resulted in a
Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun of MC312 in 2012 with a production capacity of 18.000. Three different versions of
GIRSAN’s shotguns, named MC312, MC312 Slug, MC3512 (3.5 inch), MC312 Tactical, MC 312 S1 and MC 320 (with
different barrel length, magazine capacity, chokes, stock&forend) are now available in the market.
Being a company that is not comprimising quality in principle and always engaged in producing superior quality
products, GIRSAN has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, Ministry of National Defence Facility Security
Clearance and Production Permission Certificates and AQAP 2120 Industrial Quality Assurance Level Certificate
complying with NATO Quality Assurance Requirements. Moreover GIRSAN pistols have been examined by U.S.
Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives according to ATF Form 4590 and
Importable Report has been given.

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1993 / 101-250

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