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Alfa Hydraulic was established in 1998 within a 1000 m² area in organized industrial site. Alfa Hydraulic that started by adding power steering kits on its production expanded its product groupfactory in 2002 and also added hydraulic cylinder production on its institution. Alfa Hydraulic that achieved to reflect this feature of it on its production by closely folllowing the developing technology

moved to its modern facilities in 2003 which is 7000 m² in total where 3500 m² part is closed area.

Alfa Hydraulic that gained the feature of being a leader by performing the very first things in its sector provided rapid development of hydraulic cylinder product group which it started in 2002 and achieved to be the requested brand in its sector. Alfa Hydraulic exports the whole of its production to the OEM companies.

cylinderAlfa Hydraulic; performed its production according to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System norms that aimed at business process where the same quality results would be taken at every turn and therefore proved the quality of cylinders with quality certificates which it received from various international measurement and standardization organizations

Alfa Hydraulic that works with project index towards technology produces and reaches the quality cylinders to everywhere where the customers exist, as a result of its excellence in production and aimed at to keep satisfaction of customer at the top level.

Alfa Hydraulic that performs internal design in accordance with today’s quality standard for customers in respect of place of use and purpose, realized its distribution with a specialist and experienced team and with a perfect organization in a modern facility as to be 23% to USA, 19% to Vietnam, 8% to England, 32% to Northern Ireland, 4% to Canada and to other 18 countries. Alfa Hydraulic that aimed to be the focal point of the world trade and to be one of the brands which flashed the first on the world also is the certified leader supplier of companies in construction equipment sector.

Alfa Hydraulic that holds quality and aesthetic in its activities which it maintained from its establishment till today by converting business experience into entrepreneurship continuously follows innovations to produce efficient and technological solutions in the matter of hydraulic cylinder. Alfa Hydraulic that wants to offer service and product that is more quality than customer expectations aimed to be an eternal brand by producing all the world-indexed high technology products through its institutional structure which it constituted in modern, quality and global standards.

Alfa Hydraulic which aimed to increase its quality more and more with its specialist staff, typical design, customer-focused understanding and participation of workers shall continue to provide service in 2009 for you, the precious partners, within its facility with 30.000 m² area.

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1998 / 26-50

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D. U. A.

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