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Contemporaneous with the chemical ndustry inTurkiye and being one of the leading firms in the industry, Deteks Kimya San.A.S.
has been produc'ng high quality products aid auxifiariesfor many industries Ikethe leather, teSupplying various

industries with over 100 quality items at world standards, Deteks Kimya has a production capacity of over
50.000 tons per year.
At the beginning of the history of Deteks which dates back to be'cre the 1960's, there is a snail partnership founded for the
production, maksnng, sales aid representation of textile auxiliaies. This partnership later included leather auxliariesin tsventure
aid took on the name of Deteks (the name formed when the first syllables of the words leather and texti !e in Turkish are brought together). In 1963, the company was officially named “Deteks Kollektif Sirketi".
In 1967, this small firm, with production taking place in its own plant in Kagthaneand acquiring a new legal aid financial status,
took on the name of “Deteks Kimya Sanayi A.S.” Parallel to its growth in production capacity, Deteks began to produce goods for the cosmetic aid petroleum industries as well.
In 1993 committing to the leading rules and principles of Respcnsb 'eCae which were mainly env'ronment, humai heath and
safety, DeteksK'mya s managing allthe related processes under ISO 9001 certification sincel995.
Subsequent to putti ng its new plant nto operation n Pendik-Kaynarca in 1974, Deteks began to produce and maket construction
chem'cals Present)/, from its new plait build ng of 8.000 m2 in iDOSB-TuzIa, establshed on 9.600 m2 of property, Deteks Kimya employs over 50 qualified aid expert staff and Tneperscnnel aid ccntinuesto serve the chemcal ndustry inTurkiye and abroad.
Utilizing nter nationally accepted staidards of technology, Deteks offers textile, paper aid leather auxiliay chemicals; food, paint, ink, water treatment and construction chem'cals, pharmaceutical and cosnetic intermediate products mineral oil emulsifiers;
emulsifiers for industrial oils for thechemical industry; allthe products ndividually conforming to unique specifications when
requested. At Deteks Kimya creativ ity, reliability, responsibility, honest1/, clearness, ealways the number one priority.

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1967 / 1-5

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AddressAydınlı Mahallesi, İstanbul Deri Org. San. Bölgesi, Kumpas Caddesi, No: 24, Ö-1, Özel Parsel, Tuzla, İstanbul, TurkeyCountryTurkeyCityİstanbulPostal Code-