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To make contribution to the development of our country through successes to be achieved worldwide and to provide measurable growth while protecting our consumers against the effects of the global change experienced and to offer them the products of the highest quality.

Dagi Vision
To be the most preferable brand name in its sector in the national and international arena with its perspective

on fashion and its products that creates difference with its line.

A story of success worth reading...
Everything began in 1983. The brand name of Dagi took its first steps in the readymade garment sector. Those steps resounded.

Dagi was beyond the time with its character, production quality and capacity, design understanding, marketing skill, briefly all brand dynamics. Perhaps this is the reason why it was perceived as a foreign brand name for the first 10 years. There was confusion about its origin even in its own sector. Everything was clarified in time. Everybody admitted the reality

Dagi, 100% Turkish company which celebrated 25th anniversary in 2008 registered its leadership in male and female underwear, pyjamas and track suit market.

Year 2004… Dagi has experienced the biggest changing period from its incorporation. A new partnership meant more power and more investment. Firstly the logo was renewed, then the number of stores started to increase, the central building started to be used, the area of 8000 m2 was restructured in the manner to cover production as well. The raw materials used in the products were changed. Dagi further consolidated the perception of solid and high quality fabric in the minds of the consumer.

Our products narrate themselves...
The entire product portfolio was redesigned particularly following the change in 2004. Everything necessary changed, all collections were renewed. Dagi became a company which produces underwear, pyjamas and track suit, socks and swimsuits for men and women. Dagi which grew in the field of underwear became prominent in comfort and design, it reinforced its place at the top ranks of the list of consumer preferences. Although it operates in the readymade garment sector it did not make concessions from quality owing to boutique production standards. It gained the respect of the consumer together with its liking.

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1983 / 1-5

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