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AO Far East Trading & Engineering in 1987 was founded, as a sole proprietorship 1991 the refoundation was carried out to a GmbH. (LTD)
How shall we say that it is a good tradition? if an enterprise is set up in the garage or in a cellar? Perhaps it is that way, at least with us it was (also) that way that the first office in a cellar, improved also very beautifully its position found if?

only as an office for the obtaining of injection moulds from the Far East, mainly Hong Kong and China. According to the wishes of our customers the further products there were so that we cover a very far range to manufacturing and availabilities today. Besides the manufacturing possibilities which were expanded continuously, following our customers, our possibilities also have grown in the area of project management and CAD construction.
So we do not supply to only tools but also parts with also complete products from customer tools and natural which we only occasionally exhibit below our column "products" and "service" with pictures.
We want to list some here: Accessories for motor vehicle, telephone, fax, answering machine, light switch system elements, lamps, relays, relay headers, cassette recorders, scales, systems for the furniture industry, assembly groups for motor vehicles, assembly groups for air-conditioning units, groups for the appliance industry, technical advertised products and a much different one. Electronics has laboratory, tele-consulting our associated one first-class possibility concerning the experience of one's own and related to the measuring possibilities of the laboratory in Munich.
The laboratory is equipped completely and thus suitably for very various development tasks.
We want to stress particularly:
High frequency measuring console, inclusive of Spectrumanalyser
Telephone measuring console
Acoustics measuring console
Temperature test and test chamber
The investment volume of the measuring tools alone amounts to more than 250000€ in this laboratory!
We have experience:
Developments in the area of cordless and natural cord also bound telephones and answering machines.
Components in the HF area
Construction of patterns, admittances at the appropriate jobs like PTT,
CE and other organizations.
General electrical construction and development
Cost analyses, joint pricings
Supervision of the pilot series and the batch production.
Connection and supervision of the development into the batch production with draft of the corresponding quality assurance actions.
Appropriate manufacturing facilities in the Far East which cooperates with CAO for many years and an excellent show quality level are natural.

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