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Ageless tastes of traditional Turkish tables are meticulously produced in the light of experience of four generations at Metin Halva and Jams. Metin Halva and Jams, established by the chairman of our Board of Directors Mr. Metin BOZTOPRAK, is proud to have access to consumers with 110 product types as of today. Production of halva and jam types, presented to consumers with the brand “METIN” since

the year 1970 by Boztoprak A.S., is realized in the facilities of the institution of an outdoor space of 15.000 square meters and an indoor space of 7.200 square meters. It is an institution with a production capacity of 18.500 tons in total of which 6.500 tons is halva production, 4.000 tons tahina production, 6.000 tons jam production, 2.000 tons grape molasses, and 150 employees. The majority of the produced items are exported to various parts of the world. We produce our traditional tastes, we present to countries such as Germany, Belgium, USA, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Libia, Algeria, which rank the first in halva and Turkish delight exportation list of Turkey, in the light of our TSE certificate of conformity apart from our HACCP and ISO–9002 certificate, which is the basis of the food sector.

Furthermore our products take place among the products, advised and supported by “All Consumers Society”. BOZTOPRAK GIDA realizes its production with a concept, not compromising of quality and hygiene. Furthermore company reliability, product safety, product continuity, conformity to needs, rendering the best service with the product are the basic criteria. BOZTOPRAK GIDA products, whose production continue on the basis of this awareness, have come into demand in this market.Our institution monitors technological developments closely, and use high technology machines in its production. In order to cover customer demands in the best possible way, it directs its production with its market researches, carried out regularly. BOZTOPRAK GIDA SAN. VE TIC. A.S. carries on with its way with the target of being the best in the sector.

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1970 / 101-250

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