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Bildem Plastic has been established in june of 1992, by his partners and Mustafa Bildem, who his main profession is mechanical engineering and previously has worked in various goverment institutions. In the aerly years the production began, Bildem Plastic which continued to its activities on 125 m² open, 125 m² closed area, moved to Busan Industrial Zone in 2003 by performing strategic growth

objectives in planned way. The company that increased capacity in 2005, is now in making preparations to move to the Organized Industrial Zone.

In 1992, Bildem Plastic which started the production life with daily production capacity of 500 kg of raw material by single-extruder machine, has enhanced the raw material processing capasity up to 3000 kg per a day by increaing the number of machines. By large-scale tecnological investments made in 2003, with the double-screw extruder machines and these machines with a capacity of more appropriate patterns based, the production and raw material processing capacity was 20.000 kg per a day, with 10 person executives and 40 person workshop employees .

Bildem Plastic has been producing PVC profiles in the sector. The Bildem Plastic which entered the sector with the production of shutter In 1992, has began the production of 125 mm-ceiling and wall panels in 1995. The company which started the production of curtain rail in 1996, has begun to produce door panels in 1998. The Bildem Plastic which holds the way to increase production capacity by expanding its product range, has been applying the growth plans step-by step by performing the production of 200 mm- ceiling and wall panels in 2001, 250 mm ceiling and wall panel in 2003, U profile and T profile in 2004, H profile and L angular profile patterned decorative in 2006 and the window molding at the same year. .

Panel is hard rigid plastic used for interior decorative purposes. In addition, it complements the visuality of architectural decorative in the best way to respond the needs of clients by providing heat and sound insulation, Our products are manufactured as formulated PVC raw material. We have as complete and above the market standarts used the additives, that we apply in the formula, since the begining of production year. In later years, product quality work permanently continued. We have been upgrading the quality of mold and technological machines by technological investments day by day. .

In the first years of the establishment, Our market network that started in Konya and its provinces, has grown in parallel with our investments. The Bildem Plastic which expanded to neighboring provinces in 1993-94-95, has bared to the overseas market. The Bildem Plastic which had limited expansion in the overseas market at the first years, has been operating in 29 provinces in Turkey and Europe and the Turkic Republic in overseas market today. The Company, to able to respond the demand for products in quick and timely manner, has been working at 7/24 full capacity. Our company that takes part in this sector, is listed in the first 3 in 100 organization. .

We, as Bildem Plastic take care about the distribution and communication efforts. At the first years of the production, we has began to serve as delivered to address and expanded our distribution fleet by adding our own vehicles in to distribution activities with courier companies, since 1999. The Bildem Plastic which expanded its distribution network, has been trying to respond domestic and international demands with 6 vehicles as soon as possible and fast. The company that works in the form of provincial and district dealership, is trying to communicate with customers more quickly. We continue to reach at customers with direct sales in cities and towns where we have not seller dealers. .

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1992 / 51-100

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