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1K Kimya Corporation, who developed and improved original and innovative products and brought it together with consumers under the name of HighGenic® Brand, is a 100% domestic company established with its own capital. Since its establishment in 2010, it has showed a leading entrepreneur in the sector with its brand that has been pioneered by millions in a short time*.

"Smart Cleaning" and

"Cleaning Doctor®" mottos are our main guide in the process of designing new products. We develop multifunctional, new and different products that make cleaning easy and enjoyable, then we take these products from the laboratory environment and produce them in our tonnage production lines and present them for the final consumer use. It is our greatest honor to be able to be a leading brand thanks to the interest we received for our brand and products.

Chemist Sevginar Baştekin, who is the Founding Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors, continues her success at 1K Kimya. She continues to develop products with her fund of knowledge, experience and R&D team; such as "Multi-Functional Cleaner with Silicone", "Joint Cleaner", "Hygiene Magician", "Bleach Additive Narsprin-Gel Multipurpose Surface Cleaner", first domestic “Professional Stain Remover", special design "Brush & Stain Remover" and "Stain Removal Wipes" under the HighGenic® brand. Thanks to the constant improvement and development works made by Sevginar Baştekin, HighGenic® become a brand that preferred by millions of people.

So why our brand is called HighGenic®?
Because it means, "High Quality", "Suitable for High Quality”...This is because development of new, different but high-quality products that consumers expect from us sheds light to our goal...

More than 50 kinds of Domestic and Industrial products that we produced under the Special and General Purpose Cleaning Products, Professional Stain Removers, Room and Ambient Odors, Car Care Products, Personal Care and Maintenance Products categories, are now take their places on the Discount shelves of national and local chain markets, especially at A101 and BIM, as a permanent and / or insert product. Our products, which are produced in a fully equipped factory with high-tech automation systems, are currently being sold on a continuous basis and / or activity basis at more than 13,500 points in 81 cities and reach final consumer. We have increased the distribution of our products through the establishment of regional sales management with the distributors and dealerships within these managements. Our customers are now able to access our products much more easily in Turkey.

The products that we produced under the brand name of HighGenic® with the policy of "High quality, reasonable price, maximum customer satisfaction" is our greatest source of motivation.

As a result of rigorous and devoted work of our R&D Production and Quality departments which is under the supervision of Chemist Sevginar Baştekin and a common success that we gain thanks to the preference of our products, our products are sold in 81 cities and meet with customers.

Among our goals that we plan to achieve in the medium term, we aim to increase the success we have achieved on the national market, we want to make the HighGenic® brand worldwide known and we want to increase our export revenue for at least 50%.

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2010 / 51-100

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