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Validity Period : 26.09.2017 - 15.12.2017

Briquette and Cobblestone  Machine

Briquette and Cobblestone Machine Turkey

  • 26.09.2017
  • Turkey
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ull automatic, The mold clamping system is pneumatic and is made with air blowers. This reduced the vibration. Mold change time as short as 10.15 minutes, it is possible to produce any geometric product vertically on a horizontal plane.
PLC control
Our remote connection system is available electronically it is possible to leave the faults in a very short time.
You can run it manually
Production capacity
Minimum 1150 m2 locked cobblestone in 8 hours
Minimum 17,000 pieces of 19x39x18 briquet

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Briquette and Cobblestone  Machine



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