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Validity Period : 20.11.2014 - 20.11.2015

Crankshaft Grinding Machine

Crankshaft Grinding Machine Jordan

  • 20.11.2014
  • Jordan
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We ask you please to pass to us your catalogs along with prices CIF Saudi Arabia to the following items but not limited to:
- Crankshaft Grinding Machine with all related heads
- Cylinder Boring and Surface Milling Machine
- Line Boring Machine
- Automatic Hydraulic Honing Machine
- Connecting Rods Boring Machine
- Valve Seat Boring Machine
- Welding Machine 400amp
- Welding Machine arc 500amp
- Power Hacksaws
- GAP Bed Lathe point to point 2 and 3 mtrs
- Multi-Purpose Geared Turret M

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