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Validity Period : 21.05.2012 - 21.05.2013

Air filter, hydraulic filter for MITSUBISHI

Air filter, hydraulic filter for MITSUBISHI Saudi Arabia


request for filters quotation
Please quote your best price and delivery time for the followings filters : MACHINE /MODEL QTY DESC. PART NO. ITEM NO. 6D14T /MITSUBISHI 180-8 50 AIR FILTER KS810N(E52040021) 1 KOMATSU PC200-5 100 AIR FILTER (OUTER KS463A(600-181-6050) 2 KOMATSU PC200-6 50 AIR FILTER(OUTER KS462A(600-181-6820) 3 KOMATSU PC200-6 50 AIR FILTER(INNER) KS462B(600-181-6730) 4 6D14T MITSUBISHI 180-8 100 HYDRAULIC FILTER KSH207-4 (C45702411) 5 6D34T /SK200-5 KOBELCO 20 FUIL FILTER KS569C

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