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New Ethiopia Price quotation of steel profiles from Ethiopia

I want to have current price of HEA140-450, IPE 200-400, RHS& ROR, RHS and other steel profiles

steel profiles , steel profile

New Ethiopia Bread bakery machine price request from Ethiopia

How possible to know a best bread bakery machine price, picture and detail specification

bread production machine , bakery machine , bakery machines , bakery equipments

New Ethiopia Casual and sport shoes request from Ethiopia

I am looking for casual and daily sport shoes. i am interested also in some of your textile products.

casual shoes , sport shoes , shoes

New Ethiopia Supply of submersible and surface pumps to Ethiopia

I need supply of submersible and surface pumps.

submersible pumps , surface pumps , pumps , pump

Ethiopia Leather wear and shoes request from Ethiopia

I need quotation for leather products & shoes

leather wear , shoes

Ethiopia Irrigation pumps and accessories request from Ethiopia

our company is looking for the purchase of borehole submersible pump and surface pump with accessories

irrigation pumps , pump accessories , pumps , pump

Ethiopia Rebar and wire rods purchasing request from Ethiopia

Our company is interested in purchasing a rebar with a grade of GR 75 , Yield strength 500 and Tensile strength 550 .

rebar , wire rods , rebar , reinforcement bars

Ethiopia Work construction machinery inquiry from Ethiopia

We are interested in purchasing some construction machinery

construction machinery , construction machine

Ethiopia Cylinder tubes boring machine price inquiry from Ethiopia

Interested in holing machine so can you sand me the Export price please. if you have cylinder boring please inform me.

cylinder tubes boring machine , boring machine , boring equipments , workshop equipments

Ethiopia Engraving machine for metal and wood industry request from Ethiopia

Our company is looking to forge business partnership with turkey manufacturing sector especially in metal and wood industry.

engraving machine , metal engraving machine , wood engraving machine

Ethiopia Electric rotate bakery oven price inquiry from Ethiopia

I am looking for electric rotate bakery oven

electric rotate bakery oven , bakery oven , rotary baking oven

Ethiopia Door and window accessories export to Ethiopia

I am look a company who is engaged in door and window accessories that are made up of wood and aluminum.

door accessories , window accessories

Ethiopia Liqueur machine buy inquiry from Ethiopia

I want to buy a liqueur machine

liqueur machine

Ethiopia Quotation for toe lasting machine asked in Ethiopia

Toe lasting machine capacity 2000 pair per 8 hour

toe lasting machine , toe lasting

Ethiopia Textile industry laboratory equipments buy inquiry from Ethiopia

I want to buy textile industry laboratory or testing equipment from Turkey

textile industry equipments , laboratory equipments , textile laboratory equipments , textile equipments

Ethiopia Carpets to import in Ethiopia

I want Turkish carpet import with y please tell me the way of communication.

carpets , carpet

Ethiopia Electric stabilizers offer request from Ethiopia

We are interested to do business with stove manufacturer and electric stabilizer manufacturer.

electric stabilizers , stabilizer , stabilizers

Ethiopia Printing machine needed in Ethiopia

I need printing machine for my company

printing machine , printing equipments

Ethiopia Aluminium profiles export price inquiry from Ethiopia

I will like to see your product of aluminum profile and price thanks so much for your coporation .

aluminium profiles , profiles

Ethiopia Aluminium profiles sheets inquiry from Ethiopia

We would like to see some aluminum factory and suppliers from your country tanks for your corporation

aluminium profiles , aluminium sheets

Ethiopia Bread bakery machines buy inquiry from Ethiopia

We need to buy bread bakery machines and request tec specifications and fob price asap

bread bakery machines , bakery machines , bakery machine , bakery equipments

Ethiopia Inquiry of pharmaceuticals from Ethiopia

1.Injection 2.Capsul 3.Tablet 4.Drop 5.Shirop

pharmaceuticals , pharma , medicine , drugs

Ethiopia Pharmaceuticals requested to import in Ethiopia

1.Injection 2.Capsul 3.Tablet 4.Drop 5.Shirop

pharmaceuticals , pharma , medicine , drugs

Ethiopia Packaging cartons import inquiry from Ethiopia

I really intersted to inquire packajing cartons for different uses i want to import from turkey pls let me have your positive replay first.

packaging cartons , carton , cartons