Lead List

Bulgaria Cubitainers to import to Bulgaria

We are interested of cubitainer.

cubitainers , cubitainer

Bulgaria Refractory bricks offer request from Bulgaria

At the moment we are looking for the producers of following Refractories: 1. Magnesia Bricks: - +2 (250x124x76) – 250 pcs. - +2Q28 (250x138/110x76) – 510 pcs. - 3H10 (300x150/69x56) – 200 pcs. -

refractory bricks , bricks , brick , construction materials , building materials

Bulgaria Chemicals to supply in Bulgaria

We are looking for Turkish importers and exporters of chemicals.


Bulgaria Cheese products offer request from Bulgaria

I need more information for cheese products

cheese products , cheese , dairy products , whole fat , low fat

Bulgaria Fusing belt for fusing press needed in Bulgaria

We need to buy fusing belt for fusing press KURIS

fusing belt for fusing press , fusing belt , belt for fusing press

Bulgaria Cutlery plastic set to export to Bulgaria

Cutlery Plastic set white fork knife small napking in transparent package

cutlery plastic set , cutlery set , cutlery sets

Bulgaria Water meters purchase request from Bulgaria

Water meters based project which is expected to involve min 3000 to 5000 pcs

water meters , water meter

Bulgaria Wood pellet regular weekly import in Bulgaria

Price per ton wood pellet a1 10 full trucks per week delivery Bulgaria

wood pellet , wood products

Bulgaria Plastic cutlery sets wholesale price inquiry from Bulgaria

White plastic cutlery set (fork knife napkin wrapped) in average 100 boxes per day please give me a price per set

plastic cutlery sets , plastic cutlery

Bulgaria Yarns for knitting offer request from Bulgaria

We are a company of knitwear located in bulgaria.

yarns for knitting , yarns , yarn

Bulgaria Fertilizers offer requested in Bulgaria

Please, give us information and contacts of companies in Turkey that work in branch of producing fertilizers for the agriculture.

fertilizers , fertilizer

Bulgaria Greenhouse equipments needed in Bulgaria

I am curently building a hydroponic greenhouse and I am looking to buy the best stuff for the best price.

greenhouse equipments , greenhouse , greenhouse systems

Bulgaria Diapers and hygiene products importing to Bulgaria

I wonder if you have distributor in bulgarian market. If not are you interested in having a one. We are bulgarian company in the market of baby diapers, sanitary napkins and wet wipes.

diapers , diaper , hygiene products

Bulgaria Heavy duty road assistance trucks need in Bulgaria

We need two units of heavy duty recovery trucks -rotators.

heavy duty road assistance trucks , road assistance trucks , heavy duty assistance trucks

Bulgaria Black-burned wire to import to Bulgaria

We are searching for a producer and supplier of black-burned wire

black-burned wire , wire , black wire , wires , wire

Bulgaria Nickel – cadmium rechargeable batteries importing to Bulgaria

We are searching of a producer of nickel – cadmium rechargeable batteries with capacity >250 Ah”-20 units.

nickel – cadmium rechargeable batteries , batteries , battery , rechargeable batteries , nickel – cadmium batteries

Bulgaria Rotating wreckers trucks purchasing from Bulgaria

We need a producer for 2 units rotating wreckers trucks roadside assistance crane trucks.

rotating wreckers trucks , rotating wreckers , wreckers , wrecker

Bulgaria Voltage circuit breakers buying demand from Bulgaria

We are searching of a producer of 102 pieces of 110 kV rated voltage circuit breakers .

voltage circuit breakers , circuit breakers , circuit breaker

Bulgaria Spare parts for work machinery demanded in Bulgaria

Spare pars - Caterpillar ; Hidromek ; Komatsu ; JCB; Fiat Cobelko ; New Holland end mr.

spare parts for work machinery , work machinery parts , construction machinery spares , construction machinery parts

Bulgaria Wooden cosmetic packages ordering from Bulgaria

Our compony is looking for a Turkish wooden producer to order wooden cosmetic packages.

wooden cosmetic packages , wooden packages , wooden packing , cosmetic packages , cosmetic packing

Bulgaria Freon all types requested from Bulgaria

I need manufacturers company of gaz freon all tupes .