Lead List

New Bangladesh API pharma chemical for cancer to export to Bangladesh

Could you inform me source of raw material specially for cancer.

api , pharma , chemicals , for cancer to export to Bangladesh , raw material , pharma grade , chemicals , chemical materials

New Bangladesh MAN spare parts regular import inquiry from Bangladesh

I need to contact some manufacture company who are regularly manufactured man diesel engine spear parts

man spares , man parts , truck parts , truck spares

Bangladesh Offer for steering gear for ship needed in Bangladesh

We are in need of the Steering Gear.

steering gear , for ship , ship parts , ship spares , spare parts

Bangladesh Needle coke import inquiry from Bangladesh

We like to import needle coke CFR China.

needle coke , coke , graphite electrodes , raw materials

Bangladesh Textile chemicals agency request from Bangladesh

Pls send us your local sales agent in Bangladesh

textile chemicals

Bangladesh Sticker labels printing machine needed in Bangladesh

I like to the picture Printer of sticker label printing and the approximate price including other information.

sticker , labels , printing machine , labels printing , sticker printing

Bangladesh PP raw materials import inquiry from Bangladesh

We are interested in purchasing your product of PP (yarn grade),pp (lamination grade) minimum 100 mt each grade.

pp materials , raw materials , polypropylene , plastic

Bangladesh Command communication vehicle required in Bangladesh

We need some command communication vehicle.

command communication , communication vehicle

Bangladesh Poultry medicine purchase demand from Bangladesh

We want distributorship of vet & poultry medicine & nutritional product.

poultry medicine , poultry pharma , poultry pharmaceuticals

Bangladesh Corn grit import inquiry from Bangladesh

Presently we are looking for Corn Grid.

corn grit , corn

Bangladesh Basic life support ambulance to import to Bangladesh

Purchase will made through International tender.

basic life , life support , ambulance , emergency vehicle

Bangladesh Poppy seed import inquiry from Bangladesh

We are interested of poppy seed.

poppy seed , spices

Bangladesh Methylene chloride BP grade ordering from Bangladesh

Requesting price of methylene chloride bp grade

methylene chloride , bp grade , chemicals , chemical materials

Bangladesh Supermarket equipment freezers offer request from Bangladesh

I am trader of super market commercial refrigeration system

supermarket equipments , freezers

Bangladesh New technology products to import for Bangladesh market

We are looking for new products and technology to import for Bangladesh market.

new technology products , technology products , consumer electronics

Bangladesh Garments manufacturing machinery request from Bangladesh

I am interested on embroidey machine, and garments machinery.

garments manufacturing , manufacturing machinery , textile machinery

Bangladesh Embroidey making machine requested in Bangladesh

I am interested on embroidey machine, and garments machinery.

embroidey making , making machine , garments machinery , textile machinery

Bangladesh Generator set 1200kVA requirement from Bangladesh

I need a 1200 KVA generator set

generator set , generator 1200kva , generator , generators

Bangladesh Medicine omeprazole powder BP/EP import inquriy from Bangladesh

We are looking source of omeprazole powder bp or ep manufacturer.

medicine , omeprazole powder , bp , ep , pharma , pharmaceuticals , drugs

Bangladesh Meat & bone meal to import to Bangladesh

Price for Meat& Bone Meal 20 M.Tons, Pack 25 kg in PP Bag with inner polythine pack.

meat and bone , meal , meat meal , bone meal , ready meal , chicken products

Bangladesh Excavators offer request from Bangladesh

We need some excavator

excavators , excavator

Bangladesh Pomegranate vinegar offer request from Bangladesh

I'm interested in Pomegranate Vineger.

pomegranate vinegar , vinegar , pomegranate syrup

Bangladesh Halal slaughter house required to set up in Bangladesh

We are interested to setup Halal slaughter house in Bangladesh

slaughterhouse , slaughterhouse equipments , slaughterhouse systems

Bangladesh Genuine volvo truck parts to import to Bangladesh

I need the following Genuine Volvo Truck Parts.

truck parts , truck spares