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Tuncmatik was founded in 1969 to perform local production in Turkey on electric/electronics. Its first product was the automobile signal flasher that was also the first local production for Turkey.

In 1970's, the company has commenced the TV voltage regulator production that has popularized the name Tuncmatik. This initiative also was a first for Turkey. In the same years, Tuncmatik has

established its Ümraniye factory.

In the ’80s, the increasing power shortage in the country prompted Tuncmatik to produce generators. Tuncmatik that produced the first alternator in 1981 produced the same year the direct current motor, a derivative of the electrical machines equipped with rotating engine, for the first time in Turkey.

Opened to abroad as of the mid 80's, Tuncmatik has undertaken the distribution and representation of many establishments that have a voice in the world market in the Turkish, Middle East, and Russian markets.

Abandoning its all electromechanical operations in 1996, Tuncmatik decided to focus on the “power electronics” that is technology-intensive branch. Subsequently, the RISC microcontroller-controlled digital DC engine drive that is a first in the global literature has been developed by Tuncmatik R&D. Following the completion of R&D stage of various products, Tuncmatik has started to make exportation to a large geographical area from US to Taiwan exhibiting its products at international fairs abroad.

Tuncmatik the core business of which is the “power electronics” today serves the market with a very broad range of products, notably the uninterrupted power supplies. One of the pioneer and determinant firms of the Turkish UPS market, Tuncmatik broadened its product range from 300 VA to 8000 kVA.

Trailblazing achievements
- First automobile signal flasher production in Turkey
- First regulator production in Turkey for black-and-white TVs
- First refrigerator regulator production in Turkey
- Alternator and Generator groups production
- First round-bodied DC electric motor production in Turkey
- Online uninterrupted power supply production
- First full digital DC motor drive production in Turkey

Along with its own products, Tuncmatik also work with the leader companies in the world such as; for UPS with EATON, for solar energy solutions with Kyocera, Phocos, Suntech and for batteries US Battery, Exide.

All of our products are CE certified, and comply with safety standards.

Tuncmatik serves with the Headquarter in Istanbul, regional offices in Ankara and Gaziantep, and regional representatives in Bursa, İzmir, Antalya and Erzurum. Tuncmatik has a total of 58 authorized technical service points in Turkey. The employees at these service points are trained periodically. Our company has TSE Service Compliance Certificate and committed to work with the same service concept in its all technical service departments.

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