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MOLINO,we have faced to a long working interval for preparing our new web-site as you see from that day ,which we have abandoned to enter the words into our old web – site’s parts,to nowadays.

Our new web-site reached its actual identification after the long researches and thoughts.What we want to do , not only making a simple web site but also creating a web site

that can be quaranteed the comfortable to our customers and we believe that what we want to do,a web site is being included the thoughts of comprehensive MOLINO COMPANY.The crucial thing for us that it can be looked at the today’s facts and everything customers with our customers’ view point.

We perform our endless thanks to everybody, who has contribute anything for your wills for our beliefs,has aims to share much more things everyday and has taken a stand in our side.

Air channel, Air lock, Aspirator, Auxiliary equipment, Blower, roots pump, Bucket elevator, Centrifugal compressor, Chain conveyor, Compact blower, Cyclone of blower, Cyclone pneumatic assembly, Diverter valve, Dry stoner, Dust cyclone, Epurator, Flow meter, Hammer mill, Horizontal scourer, horizontal Impact detacher, vertical Impact detacher, Intake cleaning, Intensive dampener, Intented cylinder, Jet impulse filter, horizontal Jet impulse filter, vertical Jet impulse filter, Metallic square plansifter, Micro cyclone, Milling, Milling accessories, Mini mill, Mini sifter, Mini vibro seperator, Mobile pneumatic, Mono, Mut-50, Permanent magnet, Pneumatic conveying, Pneumatic high pressure fan, Pneumatic sieve stretcher, Purifier, Roller mill, Rotoflow, Screw conveyor, Ship unloading machines, Spiral seperator, Tubular screw conveyor, Valek, Vibro seperator, Vibro feeder, Washer, whizzer, Wheat measurer,

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