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Istikamet Casting Co., with its experience of fifty years, provides services in cast iron group manufactures particularly in urban casting products. It produces as per order all kind of grey, ductile and steel castings, mainly drainage manhole covers, gas, telecom and electricity lids, gully gratings, benches, street benches, filters, clips and wrought iron components.
Istikamet Casting Co.,

improving itself by continuous R&D activities, experiences the right pride of being the leader in its sector by providing high performance solutions particularly in the field of manhole covers and gully gratings. On top of our intense R&D activities, is to design and develop quality and high perfomance ductile iron manhole covers and gully gratings with practical locking system providing protection against unauthorised use and theft and with gasket system preventing noise pollution and depending on the needs having the water-, gas- and smell-tightness features, which are in compliance with TS 1478 EN 124 standard. Istikamet Casting Co. is also a holder of ISO 9001:2008 quality system certificate and TS 1478 EN 124 certificate.

1200 tons/month high quality ductile,grey iron and stainless steel casting capacity
5000 m2 indoor technological equipped production line.
ISO 9001:2008 quality system management certificate
Compliant with all classes of EN 124 standard. (F900 –E600-D400-C250-B125-A15)
With the long year experience in cast iron manufacture, İstikamet Döküm serves in area of the urban products in particular. The common items of product range comprise Manhole Covers, Rainwater Gully Grates, Benches, Sidewalk Units, Filters, Clips and Wrought Iron product groups along with all types of Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Steel manufactures. A leader with well deserved reputation throughout Turkey, İstikamet Döküm permanently improves through Research and Development, providing high performance and effective solutions particularly in the field of Manhole Covers and Rainwater Gully Gratings.

Providing solutions against specific issues such as theft, noise pollution and damage, İstikamet Döküm designs and implements supreme quality and effective projects such safety locks against unauthorized use and gasket systems to avoid noise pollution as well as water, gas and odor leakage. İstikamet Döküm also provides countrywide quality service with Manhole Covers and Rainwater Gratings made of Spheroidal Graphite Ductile Iron preferred over cast iron in Europe. İstikamet Döküm, whose leadership in the sector is ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certified is also the holder of ISO 9001:2008, TSE, BSI, OHSAS and MANUFACTURE COMPETENCE Certificates.

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